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Thursday, 25 April 2013 00:00

Under the People's United Party government offshore oil exploration contracts were given out to 6 companies in 2004 and 2007. The Supreme Court has ruled that these contracts were improperly awarded and have declared them null and void. Now the People's United Party, in the persons of some of the very people who were actually in government in their last administration have grown a conscience. They issued a release in which they claim that they will "not issue any Oil exploration licenses which are not in full compliance with the Laws of Belize inclusive of the requirement for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and no licenses will be issued to a company which clearly lacks the capacity to carry out oil exploration." HELLO.... that is exactly what they did. Now they are backpedaling on their decision and are pretending to be holier than thou. The fact is that by their issuing of a statement they are admitting that they in fact were the ones who issued the contracts illegally.

A press release claiming that they will not do it again simply does not wash well with the Belizean people. After all it was these very same individuals who are not part of the leadership of the PUP were the ones responsible for giving out the contracts in the first place. One of those people, Johnny Briceno comes to mind. We still are awaiting an answer to a question posed by Jules Vasquez to him where he was asked to explain how it was that he secured financing to purchase two cable companies in the north.

We won't hold our breath on an answer but what we can say is that a Wikileaks document had purported that Briceno had received the two companies in exchange for the issuing of a Production Sharing Agreement (PSA).