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Thursday, 25 April 2013 00:00

Mayor Bradley (right) shows him the wayFrancis Fonseca was all smiles as he cut the ribbon to Chetumal Boulevard when it was officially declared opened on Tuesday,  April 16th. He went to great lengths at highlighting the new politicians that go past party lines to develop the country; he even claimed Mayor Darrell Bradley as his Mayor.

What Fonseca did not say was that he has been representing the Freetown Division since 2003 and his track record during his tenure is less than stellar. There are people who claim that it would be like pulling teeth to figure out exactly what, if anything, it is that he has done for the constituency. Critics say that he has done nothing for the division. Now, he high profiles, cutting the ribbon to Chetumal Boulevard as if it were a new addition to the constituency, as if it is the first time he has set foot on that road.

There is no excuse for him however. He has been there during the last 5 years of the PUP administration and… nothing… he did nothing for the division. Now, he is all too happy to ride the coattails of the Belize City Mayor and takes the glory for the unprecedented progress that his constituency is now experiencing. That progress is going beyond Chetumal Street. Right off the top, anyone can point to at least three major streets that have been concreted in the Belama Area alone under Mayor Darrell Bradley. Can Francis point out to what was done in the area during his tenure as a Government minister?