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Thursday, 02 May 2013 00:00

UDP Party Chairman, Alberto August endorses candidatesIt was a celebratory atmosphere in San Estevan village on Friday, April 26th as the United Democratic Party officially endorsed the village council slate, which will be contesting the upcoming village council elections in that community.

UDP Caretaker for the Orange Walk Central constituency, Denny Grijalva has been hard at work in that area and his work has motivated seven people in the community to openly declare that they will be contesting the Village Council elections. The team is led by school teacher Elmer Jose Flores who is backed by Kamelia Esther Cansino, Miguel Gutierrez, Maritza Morine Patt, Zair Reymundo Osorio, Aracely Guadalupe Rodrigurez and Alexander Cruz.

It is the first time that a UDP slate will be challenging the elections and it was cause for celebration so much so that the UDP's hierarch was well represented with five UDP Area Representatives including Hon. Mark King, Hon. Pablo Marin, Hon. Manuel Heredia and Hon. Edmund Castro attending. Also present were Caretakers from Orange Walk, Juan de Dios Moguel and Landy Burns. The UDP Chairman, Alberto August, Secretary General Pearl Stuart and Councilor Phillip Willoughby were also present.

Each had words of encouragement for the slate and pledged to fully support the slate in whatever manner possible. Juan de Dios Moguel, who is the Orange Walk South Caretaker, explained that everyone must work together to will all village councils. He added that as it is he is receiving great support from area representatives and caretakers in his area. Following the addresses, each person in the slate was endorsed. And those who addressed the gathering explained that the persons selected had the capacity to do the work. They also asked that they deliver especially with the improving of road conditions coming into the village.

Chairman of the Party, Alberto August also took to the microphone and he explained that the support shown at the endorsement by five Area Representatives show that there was support for the hard work that Denny Grijalva has been putting and as he continues do so he is sure to deliver Orange Walk Central for the UDP in the next General Elections. He noted that everywhere the UDP goes there is overwhelming interest expressed by persons to run in the village councils and it shows that the tables have turned and the UDP will be winning the vast majority of these elections.