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Thursday, 09 May 2013 00:00

Michael 'Crazy' ArnoldOn Monday May 6th, Michael ‘Crazy’ Arnold told the court that he did not want to waste its time and pleaded guilty to a charge of rape he was facing. After his plea he chose not to call any witnesses for mitigation, he only asked the court to allow his sentence to run concurrently with a 10 year term he is currently serving.

Arnold stood accused of raping a 29 year old woman on September 18, 2010. According to the woman, at about 10:00 p.m., that night, she was on her way to use the bathroom, which was down stairs of her apartment, when she was approached by Arnold who told her to come over to his room. The woman said she declined and told Arnold that at the time she was having her menstruation. Undeterred, Arnold pulled out a firearm and placed it at her head. He then ordered the woman to perform oral sex on him but she refused. He then grabbed her and pulled her into his bedroom. Whilst there, he put the firearm under his pillow. He then got a machete which he placed at the woman’s neck telling her that with the machete it would be easier to use instead of the firearm which would make too much noise. The woman further reported that Arnold proceeded to take off her underwear at which time she begged him to use a condom which he agreed to do and then proceeded to rape her.

After the facts of the case were read out to Arnold, he maintained his guilty plea. He was unrepresented in court when he appeared before Justice Adolph Lucas who sentenced him to 15 years in prison, his second rape conviction.

Before handing down the sentence, Justice Lucas told Arnold that under the law, a person upon conviction is liable to life imprisonment if he has two or more convictions for the same offenses. In Arnold’s case he has a previous conviction for rape in which he was sentence to 12 years before Justice Herbert Lord on May 5, 2011. He also has a conviction for forcible abduction from April 7, 1997.  Justice Lucas however told Arnold that he must take into consideration the fact that he pleaded guilty and did not waste the court’s time today.

Arnold is a repeat offender with as many as 24 convictions two of those occurring in Belmopan and 22 in Belize.

When asked if he agreed with his record, Arnold told Justice Lucas that he does not agree with the two stemming from Belmopan because he has never been charged in that jurisdiction, he further claimed that there are two Michael Arnolds, one who lives in that area.

His long rap sheets has convictions for aggravated assault, two counts of robberies, damage to property, harm, possession of a controlled drug, resisting arrest and use of indecent words, threatening words, burglary and possession of a article with a blade.

He told Justice Lucas that if he allowed him a lesser time he believes that he will be able to come back into society and be a better person.

Michael Arnold aka crazy was going to be eligible for his earliest release from prison in 2023 but with his new sentence he will have to serve 15 more years before being eligible for parole.