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Thursday, 09 May 2013 00:00

Janine GilharryBelizean born Ms. Janine Gilharry returns from Kuala, Lumpur, Malaysia  after participating  in the twenty second (22nd) annual Ms. India Worldwide Pageant.

The pageant which took  place on April 27th, 2013 in that country focused on the promotion of  Indian culture around the world and around the Diaspora of Indian heritage.  In Belize, Janine Gilharry competed in the Ms. East Indian Belize 2013 pageant and placed first runner up.  She was officially invited by the organizers of Ms. India Worldwide on the basis of her excellent Indian performing arts and pageantry and most importantly on her keen interest to learn more about her Indian heritage and culture. Ms. Gilharry was also given the title of Miss India Belize by the organization upon her officially becoming a candidate of the Miss India WorldWide 2013 pageant.

Ms. East Indian Belize is a pageant organized annually by Corozal Organization of East Indian Culture and Heritage (COEICH).  This year, five young ladies vied for the title.  COEICH is principally focused on the revival of the East Indian culture in Corozal.  The organization was organized on September 6, 2009.

As a Participant in the Miss India Worldwide pageant, Ms. Janine Gilharry gained a wealth of experience. Upon speaking to Ms. Janine Gilharry she stated:

“The experience was that of a movie, it is something that will stay with me forever. Only in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself participating in an event of such magnitude and even more so to be the one who represents our nation. The people that I met, the smiles that embraced me, every single second spent and every single friendship made, I will cherish for the rest of my life. Miss India Worldwide 2013 has made me realize that no dream is too far fetched, for even the dreams we never even knew we had can come true. This pageant has allowed me to view the world in a different aspect; it has helped me grow as a person and has given me so much knowledge that I can not wait to share. It was through this opportunity that I was able to connect with Indians from all over the world and see that no matter where we are, we will always share that ¨Indianness¨ which makes our culture unique. All 39 girls instantly became celebrities upon our arrival in Malaysia. The paparazzi was constantly around us and of course, every girl loves this attention but the words ¨be a celebrity with a cause¨ which we were told on our 2nd night kept ringing in my head. To me, this was the most impacting thing for I believe in the words my hero, the great Gandhi, who once said ¨In a subtle way you can shake the world¨ and it is then I realized that it is my turn to make a difference so this experience has strengthened my urge to help, to give back a little for the tremendous blessings I have. I could go on and on about the experience for no amount of words could ever be enough to express all joy, excitement and feelings of accomplishment that I felt being there, whether it was on the stage, in front of the cameras or simply being with the other contestants. I am beyond thankful to every one who helped to get me there, to get our country there because not only was this a milestone for myself or for the Indians in the country but for all of Belize. I was shocked when no one knew where our little jewel is located. They thought I was talking about Brazil when the immigration officer was amazed by our passport. I was ecstatic to see the fascination of the people when they hear of all the treasures our Belize has, I truly feel blessed to have been able to have this magnificent experience and to know that I did something for my country.”

Ms. Janine Gilharry was able to represent Belize in Ms. India Worldwide Pageant through sponsorship of a broad cross section of Belizean businesses and business persons. Ms. Janine Gilharry and COEICH extend sincerest gratitude for their support especially to the Honorary Council of India to Belize (Mr. Arun Hotchandani) & the Mirage Group.
Other Sponsors include:

A & R Corozal Town Branch                                                                                                                                          

Ashanti Store                       

Corozal Free Zone Management Corozal Junior College Corozal Scotia Bank                                                     

Corozal Town Council                                

Gilharry´s Service Centre (Mr. Efrain Gilharry)                        

Mrs. Emy Gilharry Ramirez  Mr. & Mrs. Haresh Chatumal Mr. Froylan Gilharry, Sr. 

Mr. Gulab Sharma  

Mr. Leo Batty

Mrs. Lydia Ramcharran Pollard

Mr. Mike Hotchandani

Mrs. Milan Hotchandani                                      

Mr. Stafford Williams

Publix (Mr. Juan Carlos) Smart     

SP Plaza (Mr.Vijay Punjabi)