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Friday, 17 May 2013 00:00

Deputy Party Leader, Hon. Gaspar Vega, celebrates victories The United Democratic Party has done exceptionally well in the first round of village council elections held on Sunday, May 12th. In those elections, the party secured an overwhelming majority of village councils. 44 villages in total held elections and the UDP secured victories in 31 of these villages. In the Belize Rural North Constitutency, Hon. Edmund Castro delivered all 8 villages on the Old Northern Highway including Maskall, Bomba,Boston, Corozalito Lucky Strike, Rockstone Pond, Santana and St. Ann's. In Orange Walk, Deputy Party Leader, Hon. Gaspar Vega delivered Trial Farm Village while Orange Walk South caretaker, Juan de Dios Moguel secured victories in San Lazaro and Trinidad. Orange Walk East caretaker, Landy Burns delivered Chan Pine Ridge for the UDP from a formerly PUP held council.

In the Corozal District, Hon. Hugo Patt secured victories in Yo Chen, Cristo Rey and San Pedro. Meanwhile, caretaker Raul Rosado brought in Carolina and 4 councilors in Calcutta getting a majority hold in that village. There were unsuccessful bids in Ranchito and San Joaquin.

Out west, it was pretty much the same scenario with Hon. Rene Montero taking Esperanza village and Cristo Rey. Caretaker Miley Garcia secured Blackman Eddy Village and with great work from UDP Chairman Mike Juan, for a third consecutive time, he maintained his position in Unitedville Village. The bid was unsuccessful in Valley of Peace.

In the Stann Creek District, the UDP secured a full-slate victory in Red Bank. In San Roman the party garnered 4 councilors and the Chairman seats while in Maya Mopan and Independence it secured a majority of 4 councilor seats.  In the Toledo District the UDP secured full-slate victories in Big Falls, Elridgeville, Forest Home, Santa Ana. In Aguacate, the UDP got 3 councilors and the Chairman. In Mabil-Ha the UDP got 4 councilors and the Chairman. Santa Teresa and Jordan saw the UDP getting 2 councilor candidates each. The UDP was unsuccessful in San Benito Poite, Mafredi, Blue Creek, Cattle Landing and Boom Creek.

All told, it was an overwhelming national victory for the UDP and a countrywide endorsement by villagers who continue to support the work of the United Democratic Party.

The next round of village council elections will take place on Sunday, May 19th in 43 villages countrywide. The Party urges all supporters to come out and vote for the UDP village council slates so that progress continues in their respective villages under the leadership of Hon. Dean Barrow.