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Thursday, 23 May 2013 00:00

Inspecting Police StreetThe Belize City Council has been paving streets in the city at an impressive speed. Thanks to the efforts of Mayor Darrell Bradley and the Council, there are now over 70 streets that have been paved. And as the Council presses on with paving streets, one constituency that is getting quite a bit of attention is the Lake Independence area. It comes as no surprise however as the Area Rep. Hon. Mark King is constantly behind the Chairman of BWSL to have water upgrades in his area. Under an agreement between the Council and BWSL, those streets that are worked on by the water company are those that get paved since BWSL offers part financing for the works to be done. Capitalizing on this agreement is Hon. King who is always at BWSL Chairman's ear to do upgrades in his constituency. Most recently, he lobbied for work to be done on Police Street, Ordonez Street and Sunflower Street. According to King, work has already commenced to pave these streets. He says he is eternally grateful at the support he has received so far from the Belize City Council and Mayor Darrell Bradley, who is always responsive to his requests. He added that similarly, without the assistance of BWSL's Chairman, Alberto August, he would not have been able to accomplish as much as he already has.

In addition to paving streets, King says he will upgrade between 50 and 100 streets in the Gungulung area of his constituency. At this time he is pressing as much as possible before the rains come again. And as an aside, he has opened his constituency office which is located at the corner of Periwinkle and Mahogany Streets.