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Thursday, 30 May 2013 00:00

Jose Maiarguing with police in San FelipeThe dogs were out this weekend trying to maintain their stongholds in PUP territories but as much as they barked and bit, they were simply unsuccessful at retaining two of those village councils that they had held from time immemorial. The PUPs have been consistently been able to secure village council victories in Hattieville in Belize Rural Central for over 50 years and in San Felipe in Orange Walk South for decades.

But the long history of these villages being PUP strongholds came to an end on Sunday, May 26th when the UDP was successful in winning these villages. In San Felipe, the level of desperation got so intense that the PUP area rep. Jose Mai tried to forcefully gain entry into the polling station while persons were voting. He placed so much effort into trying to get into the station that he got into verbal altercations with police officers, who were posted at the perimeter fence to maintain order. In the end, the commendable work of the policemen proved fruitful and Mai did not have his way. But he was not the only one trying to 'bullyreg' his way. He was flanked by failed politician Servulo Baeza,who in similar fashion, attempted to undermine the election process in the village. But tried they might have, they were unsuccessful. By the time the ballots were counted, it proved that these two had reason to be behaving in the manner in which they were. From earlier on in the day, they must have had a bad feeling that San Felipe would have been taken by the UDP.

San Felipe, however, was not the only PUP ground that went red. In Hattieville, the village which has never voted UDP, on Sunday, changed. Despite the major players making their way there to help Dol-Dol, her bid to return a PUP village council was futile. And it was quite the show that they tried to put on in that village; they made noise, they stomped their feet and they tried intimidating the voters but none of their antics worked. The people of Hattieville know that after giving the PUP so many tries, the village has not progressed and are now fully aware that it is only under the UDP that progress will come there.