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Written by Shane D.Williams   
Thursday, 06 June 2013 00:00

Barbara McNab-Grinage writes in a simple style where she doesn’t waste words or challenges Webster. She writes for all to understand, foreigners to be intrigued and Belizeans to smile. In the book, she features 101 recipes. Those include breakfast specials such as waffles, flour tortilla, fry jacks, Johnny Cakes, powder buns and different preparations of eggs. There are entrées such as baked chicken, baked turkey, hashed corn beef and fried fish. She even features the stewed beef and okra, black-eyed rice and peas and oxtail. She introduces the world to boil up and boil cake, meat pies, Belizean conch fritters, ducunu, garnaches, panades, chimole, relleno, escabeche and fried callaloo.

There are many other recipes in the book but it is the stories that stand out. In a story Barbara entitled “Is it Saturday Already?” she tells of the main ingredient in Belizean dishes. The story is about how her grand aunt, Tileen always made Creole bread on Saturdays just as most Belizean families did at that time. Barbara wrote that Tileen once enjoyed making the Creole bread because she knew that her children, nieces and nephews would stop by to pick up their share; therefore, she would get to spend time with them. Sadly, they eventually began sending their children for the bread and Tileen would no longer get to spend time with them so making bread became more of a chore than a hobby. However, there were times when Tileen would remember the feeling of blessing someone with her Creole bread. One such time was when a family friend, Senora, came from village to visit. On her visit, Senora would bring baskets of seasonal fruits to share. Barbara’s family would donate their best used clothing to Senora for her to take back to village. This time, Senora visited on a Saturday and Tileen was super excited to be able to give her a hot Creole bread. Barbara wrote, “I witnessed the joy of giving in Tileen’s eyes as Senora graciously received. You simply will not be able to make Tileen’s Creole (Kriol) bread recipe without wanting to share with a loved one.”

There are many stories in the book in which Barbara shares her experience of growing up in an extended family home. Though it is a cook book, the main theme is love and family relationships as the author shares her most intimate stories of how her loved ones influenced her passion for cooking. That passion has led her from frying eggs for her grandfather “Benque Daddy” to carrying on the legacy of Aunt “Tileen” by sharing her recipes with thousands of people from around the world on her YouTube hit “Bare Pantry Show”.

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