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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 13 June 2013 00:00

Siyun YeThe results of the Primary School Examinations (P.S.E.) were released on Friday, June 7th, and Siyun Ye from the Bernice Yorke Institute of Learning is the top performer in the class of 2013. More students sat this year’s P.S.E. than ever before with 7,359 candidates taking the exam on Monday, March 18th and May 6th.

Siyun Ye recorded a score of 391 out of a possible 400 points. Ye said the exam was easy but she did not expect to be the top performer. Her only challenge was to finish the essay section of the English paper in the time allotted. Sherry Ali, Principal of Bernice Yorke, said she knew that Siyun Ye would do well because “she is a brilliant student and extremely hard working”. Bernice Yorke has been one of the most impressive institutions for a long time now and its students have recorded the best performances in the last two Primary School Examinations. Ali tributes the school’s success in the P.S.E. to its emphasis on early childhood education. She said, “Early childhood education is the launch pad to have students prepared to meet the challenges of primary education.”

Students tied for the second best performance are Vincent Hulse and Nelson Esteban of St. Andrew’s Anglican School in the Cayo District and Jennessa Sierra of San Pedro R.C. School. The three of them received 386 points. Agatha Petkau of United Evergreen School in Cayo; Iani Adolphus of Hummingbird Elementary in Belize City; Sherry Tan and Alanna Rosado of Belize Elementary School received 385 total points. Now, that the P.S.E. results are in, the students have turned their attention to graduation and preparing for life in high school.

The first part of the PSE was sat on March 18th. It include the science and English papers.  The English exam is divided into two parts. The first part consists of fifty multiple-choice questions that test the student’s knowledge of grammar and comprehension skills. Part two of the English exam is the writing section that tests the students’ composition skills. The science exam consists solely of fifty multiple-choice questions that test the student’s knowledge of general and health science. In the PSE, an A (80- 100%) is considered to be excellent. 70-79% is a B score which is considered to be competent. C (60-69%) is considered as satisfactory while D (50-59%) is adequate and E (49% and below) is considered to be inadequate. In the English exam the mean score or average was adequate at 57.8%. The mode grade, which is the grade most prevalent, was D which is also adequate. The median was 58%, which means that half the students scored below that grade and half scored above.  The level of performance dipped from last year when the mean was 58.59%, the mode grade was C and the median was 61%. Students performed best in the science examination once again. The mean score for science was 70.9% which is down from 74.43% last year. The mode grade was A once again and the median was 72% which is four points lower than last year’s 76%.

The second part of the PSE was sat on May 6th. It includes the mathematics and social studies papers. The mathematics exam is divided into two parts. Part one is a multiple choice section consisting of 50 computation questions. Section two of the mathematics exam is problem solving. There are ten problems to solve in section two of the mathematics exam. The social studies exam includes 50 multiple-choice questions. The questions test the students knowledge of Belize’s past and present economic, social, cultural and political structure. The worst scores were recorded in the mathematics exam once again. The mean score for Mathematics was 54.2% which is similar to the 54.3% last year. The mode grade was inadequate at E as a shocking 45% of students failed the exam. Last year, the mode grade was D. The median was 52%. In 2012, the median was 53%. In social studies, the mean score was 67.2%. The mode grade was excellent, an A, and the median was 68%. In 2011 the mean was 68.92%, the mode grade was A and the median was 72%.

The Ministry of Education said, “The performances on English and mathematics are cause for concern and call for concerted action on the part of all stakeholders in education to address these areas.”