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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 13 June 2013 00:00

Pauline ReneauThere were six boxing matches between Belizeans and Guatemalans on Friday night, June 7th, at the Biltmore Plaza and after all the punches were thrown the result was a 3-3 draw. Promoter James Adderley deserves a ton of credit for treating local boxing fans to quality entertainment as Belizean boxers had the opportunity to step into the ring with regional champions and other tested fighters.
In the first bout of the night, Colin Lamb squared up against Franklin De Leon. The match went the entire four rounds. Lamb showcased impressive power hooks that kept his opponent hesitant to attack. However, his inability to throw a jab made the fight harder than it should have been. The judges were split in their decision but Lamb won the fight. For him to move up another level, Lamb must develop a respectable jab and work on his straight punches.

Allan Geban faced Milton Moran in the second fight of the night. Geban was the most impressive male boxer of the night. He came out swinging as the bell rung. At times, he was a bit wild but, according to Geban, that was because his opponent was pressing down on his head. Geban’s greatest strength is his quick hands that he never lets rest. There are some who would prefer he fights a bit more under control but that could potentially limit his aggressiveness. He put on a fireworks show in the fourth round to secure a unanimous victory. As long as Geban learns to maximize his reach advantage, he could contend for amateur hardware.

The third fight was between Harold Morano and Ilsias Esquivel. This was the most disappointing fight of the night. The Belizean coach threw in the towel in the third round because his fighter seemed disinterested. Despite emphatic instructions from his corner, Morano hardly threw any punches in the fight. No one in the building was surprised when the coach threw in the towel. Morano needs to understand that if he doesn’t intend to hit the man before him, then he is in the wrong sport.

The most impressive fighter was Pauline Reneau. She became the first Belizean woman to fight an international opponent and the first to defeat one. Reneau fought against Yavira Maribel Contreras. Reneau took the fight to her opponent early by showcasing all the tricks in the bag. Her jabs were sharp; hooks were crisp, and straight rights were rockets. She moves well on offense but her footwork on retreat needs a little work. She began to toy with her opponent in the third round after dominating the first two. Reneau must close her bouts better because a fighter cannot take things for granted in a three round bout. Pauline Reneau has a bright future ahead of her in the sport of boxing as long as she leaves the showboating to Roy Jones, Jr. and Floyd Mayweather. 

The fight of the night was between Mexican national Mario Vera and Guatemala’s Pan American Champion, Vicente Sansores. These two fighters punched throughout the match. Vera was the more aggressive fighter early but his punches did little damage to the champ. The champ threw fewer punches but those in attendance could hear the explosion from every one of his punches than landed on Vera. However, not once did Vera retreat from the stronger puncher. He won by impressing the judges as the volume puncher never stopped throwing.   

The co-main events of the evening featured Max “Pain” Williams and Sherman Galvez. Max fell to Central American Champion, Losilito Aquime by Technical Knock Out in the third round. He was the cause of his own demise. Max won the first two rounds convincingly and tried to cruise through the rest of the fight against a proven amateur champ. Though the Guatemalan’s punches were not hurting or even landing, Max’s decision to stop punching forced the referee’s hands to stop the fight for the protection of the fighter. It was an unpopular decision but the right decision in amateur boxing. Max is a great fighter and will be better because of such a loss.

Sherman Galvez stepped into the ring against Devi Moya for the final fight of the night. Though he was the physically stronger fighter, Galvez was clearly out of shape and seemed disinterested at times. He lost a lot of respect from local boxing fans that night. Galvez seemed afraid to throw punches. He should take note of the great Muhammad Ali’s famous quote, “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”