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Thursday, 20 June 2013 00:00

UDP San EstevanThe Village Council Elections are now over and the United Democratic Party has recorded one of the greatest margins of victories in these,  having secured 71 percent of seats available. And the victories show that the UDP in enjoying great popularity in the rural areas of the country. The same cannot be said for the PUP which has fallen into oblivion. One by one, the PUP area representatives and their Standard Bearers began to fall with each passing week in the 6 weeks of elections.

One of those candidates who fell and had once been thought to be invincible was Johnny Briceno. On Sunday, June 9th, however, he was dished a heaping serving of humility. Even before the election date, he had been in the one village he represents, San Estevan, trying to get a slate together to contest the elections but he simply could not pull it together. He had waltz into the village a few days before the elections and had gone knocking on the doors of his party faithful in the hopes of mustering 7 persons to run. But as much as he knocked on the doors, there were either no answers or those who replied simply refused to come out and run for the PUP in San Estevan. Johnny was left out in the cold; no one wanted to run for him.

And so it was that when 10 a.m. struck on Sunday morning, the UDP slate was endorsed as the new village council of San Estevan. The victory comes as no surprise; the UDP village council slate has been pressing the streets of the village for months now and the UDP caretaker, Denny Grijalva has been hard at work in the village to secure a victory. For over 7 months, both the caretaker and the candidates were out in the village improving sugar roads, helping out needy families and even paving a street with concrete. They presented a plan of action to the villagers and proved that they were able to deliver on their plan even before being elected.

The people of San Estevan now know who it is that truly has the capacity to represent and they have endorsed the UDP slate and by extension the caretaker of the Orange Walk Central constituency. On Sunday, amidst the celebration there were those on the periphery who were looking on who commented, “Johnny Done.” Indeed he is done; after all, the villagers of San Estevan and even the residents of Orange Walk Central cannot point to a single thing that he has been able to do for them in the umpteen years that he has been their representative.

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