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Written by Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 20 June 2013 00:00

The Prime Minister’s press conference last Wednesday, June 12th, was indeed informative, in all manner of speaking. During the two days prior to the PM’s presentation, the Government was on the receiving end from Channel Fox and other PUP pundits after it had been announced that GOB would be taking over the management of IMMARBE and BISL from the Ashcroft Alliance. We heard of so much glum and doom, which would befall our country and how we would be the pariah of the world. One press release even suggested the Government’s supposedly breach of contract would place the entire re-negotiated Superbond in jeopardy, which would trigger economic chaos!

The setting changed, however, after the press conference, and we saw the Alliance, through its surrogates at Channel Fox, in a mad rush at damage control by attacking the claim that the repulsive contracts were conceived in a highly secretive setting. In live Fox interviews, both Musa and Fonseca practically swore that the 17-year contracts were not signed underhandedly but were in fact approved by Cabinet. These two gentlemen have completely lost touch with the mood of the Belizean public, since we don’t care if those contracts were signed behind closed doors or in Central Park; such one-sided agreements are considered reprehensible and contrary to good governance.

But nothing surprises Belizeans anymore as it relates to the ten worst years of our young nation. For a man who once professed socialism, Musa inflicted deep wounds to our country, which simply will not heal. It has been 5 years now that the people of Belize said farewell to the ignoble PUP Government of 1998 to 2008, yet we continue to wallow in the moral fester they left behind. We cringe as we see our country’s name and our flag being corrupted by strangers who probably have never set foot in Belize, yet flaunt our national emblems as they commit all sorts of criminal activities in the high seas.

While some people seem uneasy at the thought of breaching contracts, I have heard many applaud the Government for the brave move to take back our dignity and install rectitude in all activities which govern international relations and trade, so that we can hold our head up high as an honest and respectful people.

As to the Opposition, well, they have yet another unsightly blemish on their slate. The same individuals who are at the leadership of the PUP today are the ones who perpetuated so much harm to our nation, and sold us out to the Alliance without a shred of remorse. As I told you before, the man who goes by the code name Sterling donated hefty sums of money in 2012 to many of the present elected PUP representatives. Since Sterling has no interest in village councils, you can see the trouncing that the PUP is getting when the playing field is level.

Mr. Fonseca likes to call on UDP Ministers to resign. I think it is his turn now to be called. He and Musa signed an agreement that is not in the best interest of our nation, and, secret or not, he should step down from office and shy completely away from politics. Time will soon deal with the other traitor, so I won’t waste my breath on him.

The Labour Unions are the only organizations so far that have applauded the Government on the move to bring to an end this shameful act done to our good name. They must be recognized for their support. I hope that soon others will join, since there is major support from the Belizean public for Government’s action. Our trade agreements with other countries cannot be put at risk to satisfy the financial greed of one man with his pocketful of politicians, and we must all stand together for national dignity.

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