Improving the Quality of Education Delivered in Our Schools Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber’s Remarks during Press Conference on Thursday, June 13th. Print E-mail
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Thursday, 20 June 2013 00:00

Hon. Patrick Faber1. What is to be done about the performance of our schools as reflected in PSE results for many years now?

a. The role of the school
i. Schools need to take ownership for their performance and for the quality of education they deliver.
ii. Self-evaluate and develop and implement school improvement plans

b. The role of the Ministry

i. Examine performance nationally and use as basis for further analysis to inform policy decisions
ii. Provide pressure and support for schools to improve
1. School supervision to provide both pressure and support

2. School Inspectorate to provide external evaluation of school quality and provide information other stakeholders (parents, the community, Managing Authorities and the Ministry can use to pressure for improvement)

c. The role of the Managing Authorities
i. Take ownership for the performance of their schools and for the quality of education delivered by their schools
ii. Examine performance across their schools and use as basis for further analysis to inform management decisions
iii. Provide pressure and support for schools to improve—supervise their schools, provide professional development and other support to their schools to meet national standards

d. The role of Teachers’ Union
i. Promote and assist with the professionalization of teaching service (e.g. Alberta Teachers Association):
1. setting and helping to enforce ethical and professional standards in teaching;
2. helping to purge system of non- or mal-performing teachers (sending a message of zero tolerance)
3. helping to provide professional development support for teachers

e. The role of parents
i. Examine the performance of schools their children are attending
ii. Provide support and pressure to the school for improving—participate in child’s education, support the school in improving and hold school accountable for improving

f. The role of the community
i. Examine the performance of schools in respective communities
ii. Provide support and pressure to the school for improving
2. What are the particular strategies of the Ministry?
i. Develop capacity of teachers
ii. Push to get teachers trained and licensed and to ensure that trained /licensed teachers are hired by Managing Authorities through the Belize Teaching Service Commission
iii. May need to develop targeted programs to develop teacher capacity in specific areas, e.g. Math (recent pilot project in certifying teachers in visible and tangible math was successful and we are seeking funding to help us expand this programme)
b. Improve curriculum delivery at the school level:
i. Strengthen school monitoring, support, and supervision, so that teachers are adequately supported in ensuring that students are learning.
ii. Strengthen teaching of primary science, math, and language, through teacher training and improved materials.
iii. Evaluate relevance and delivery of existing curriculum, including language, and science and technology.
iv. Provide training to teachers and school leaders in the use and localisation of the curriculum, and assessment, during in service training.
v. Support (through guidance and training) school based programmes that enable teachers to use assessment of learning to track all pupils progress against desired outcomes and to develop appropriate strategies for progress, e.g. use of appropriate community volunteers as classroom assistants, additional consolidation and reinforcement materials, catch up holiday courses etc.
vi. Provide training to school leaders in the support and monitoring of more effective and localised curriculum delivery.
vii. Provide training to teacher educators in the use of curriculum guides and the more effective delivery of the curriculum including its localisation, and assessment.
viii. Monitor the effective delivery of the curriculum in schools, including teachers’ ability in formative assessment of pupil progress.
These are but a few strategies in the Belize Education Sector Strategy that we are pursuing to improve curriculum delivery. We are currently seeking funding through the IDB to assist us with an intervention to improve curriculum delivery across the system.