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Thursday, 20 June 2013 00:00

Police are investigating the murder of 24-year-old Elias Santos which occurred sometime between Sunday evening, June 16th, and Monday morning, June 17th. Santos is a resident of Bella Vista Village in the Stann Creek District but had been working as a mason and watchman on a house in the Western Pines Community for the last three weeks. According to police report, he had been granted permission to stay at the house as a watchman for CP Building Construction Company. Police were called to the construction site around 8 a.m. on Monday by coworkers of Santos, who discovered his body in the bathroom area of the structure. He was lying face up and chop wounds were visible on his forehead, right side of the face and back of the head. The house was on its final stage of construction and there was no sign of forced entry. An axe was found in the area that police believe may have been the murder weapon. Police are encouraging anyone with information relating to the death of Elias Santos to visit a police station nearest to them and make a report. They can also call Crime Stoppers Hotline at 0-800-922-TIPS if the wish to remain anonymous.