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Thursday, 11 July 2013 00:00

DemonstratorsA demonstration was held on Tuesday of this week through the main streets of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. About two thousand participants, coming from such places as Benque Viejo del Carmen, Belmopan and Corozal congregated at the Macal River Park in San Ignacio Town.

Some of the marchers carried placards such as “God loves the Sinner not the Sin”, “When we honor God, we honor us,” and “Righteousness exalts a Nation.”

Sadra Ragg made it clear why she was out there with her family,  “I came out here because I am not against the life style of these people, but I am really against this becoming public, against the Gender Policy that we are battling right now. I have grandchildren and I don’t want my grandchildren to be confused. I want them to know that the Good Lord made a man and he made a woman; he didn’t make two of the same sexes to be together.”

Lynda Geal of the Holy Ghost Church in Esperanza Village also explained her actions at today’s march, “I am out here because I am standing out for the righteousness of the Almighty Lord…our banners says God said be fruitful and multiply and fill the Earth; our message to UNIBAM is OK, give us your formula how can you be fruitful and multiply… We are not out here not to hate, we are out here to show them the right way to try and change their path and come back to the Almighty Lord.”

Based on the sentiments expressed, it is clear that those who have chosen to join the demonstrations do not know what is contained in the Gender Policy and also there are those who have enjoined the Gender Policy with the UNIBAM agenda.

Present at today’s March in San Ignacio was Scott Stirn, Pastor of Jubilee Ministries, who also serves as the Director of Belize Action and member of the Evangelical Association. According to Pastor Scott Stirm, Tuesday’s demonstration was in support of the Belize Constitution.

“This is called a Constitutional March.  Part of the reason why because we have realized that agenda in people who have the intent on changing our Constitution that invokes the Supremacy of God. There are people who will like to change that; we are standing on top of those words in the preamble to our Constitution.” It is noteworthy however that there is not a single move by the Government to change the Constitution as is being alluded to by Stirm. In fact, the Government is standing strongly against the challenge to section 53 of the Criminal Code. That section of the law prohibits sexual intercourse against the order of nature and is being challenged by Caleb Orozco, a gay man who claims the law goes contrary to his freedoms.

Asked about the offer by Government to the churches to clarify their difficulties with the Gender Policy, Pastor Scott Stirm explains that reactions to major policy issues will take time, “They took two years to prepare the gender policy; we’ve had a copy of it for about a month. We have attorneys, educators, business leaders, sociologists, and councilors that are reviewing the Gender Policy. We are putting that into a comprehensive report. We will vet that with the council of Churches, the Evangelical Association and then we will submit that to the Prime Minister.”

Pastor Stirm also commented on the LGBT, “I’ve mentioned to the Prime Minister that there is an outrage on this Gender Policy, the LGBT Agenda is in the Gender Policy; if people want to deny that, they have their eyes blinded.”

With the march in San Ignacio starting at a delayed time of 10:00 am and having to make a rapid deceleration to 1:00 pm, because of the march permit, the rally continues in Dangriga on Saturday and then next Tuesday in Belize City.