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Thursday, 11 July 2013 00:00

Cannon Augustine ObispoBack in October 2009, the home of an elderly couple, aged 61 and 81 of the Freetown Sibun area was invaded, burglarized and the wife was raped in the presence of her husband as the culprits cleaned out their house.

On Tuesday, July 9th, one of the accused men, the only person charged in connection with the home invasion walked free from charges of rape and aggravated burglary.

Freetown Sibun resident, 24-year-old Cannon Augustine Obispo, appeared in the Supreme Court before Justice Troadio Gonzalez. In court, his trial ended in  a nolle prosequi when Prosecutor Leroy Banner informed the court that his main witness, a 61-year-old woman could not make it to the trial.

Banner told us that it was not because the elderly rape victim could not be located or that she did not want to testify but that she could not make it to Belize in time for the trial due to a short notice of the trial commencement. Banner told us that the victim expressed to her that at this time she cannot just leave her home in Canada to come to Belize in such short notice but that she can do so at a later date.

With that Prosecutor Banner entered a nolle prosequi agasint Obispo allowing him to walk free. Obispo, however, was informed by the judge that at anytime when the prosecutor can get the witness to court to testify, the charges of aggravated burglary and rape can be brought back against him.

We spoke with Obispo outside the court room after he was granted his freedom.  He told us that there was no evidence against him anyway and that he was charge wrongly.

He left the court smiling when he got the good news.

On October 12, 2009, at about 2:00 a.m., culprits gained entry into the home of the elderly couple by forcing their way through a window. They then tied them up and raped the 61-year-old woman in the presence of her husband. The couple was held at gun point while the culprits stole a number of items from inside their home including their television set, a laptop computer, a digital camera among other items valued over $32,000.