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Thursday, 18 July 2013 00:00

?When the lover come down on yuh?…? get ready for the daggering?… ?bend over, bend over back way ?..?make yuh body jump jump?

Yes, in my neighborhood instead of being cheered by children singing “building up the temple” or singing the famous Barney “I love you ” song, I instead hear the voices of the three to five-year-olds singing to the top of their lungs dirty, vulgar songs on a Tuesday night after the news. “Cute? Look how they look dancing!  Bubbling, doing  6:30, jiggle it, kotch gyal , pum pum tun up, daggering, wuk a gyal.”  Ask them to spell their names! Or ask them to say their multiplication tables. They then become shy, then and only then has the cat gotten their tongues.


I think we have forgotten what music is now and how much power it has in making or breaking us.

Most people listen to music to relax, as a form recreational activity to get out of there reality.  To many, music describes the emotional state they are in. Music in all is not bad. Christian music and good lyrical music does exist. Do not get me wrong. But we also know that today the music that attracts the youths, especially of our country, are the free spirited music with all the bad words and sexual references.  Music dictates to many of youths the standards of life they should be living by. This is when music becomes an issue, when the lyrics do not lead a person to the right path.  The song lyrics then becomes their Bible defining how they should view relationships, sex, friendships, drugs, food, material wear and life in general.

What effects does it have on its listeners?
What is the problem then with following music and its popular advertisements? The problem is that the popular music of today’s time has no morals, no biblical values and worst, any respect for one and other. This in turn, teaches our youths the same. The theme of FREEDOM to the highest extent,  almost brain washes a person instilling “the so what” way of thinking. Oh! Let’s not forget one of the most famous, if not the most famous way of thinking, the YOLO: the YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE mentality. 

REALITY CHECK READER: If we only lived once, this motto would suit our world, but the TRUTH IS WE HAVE a LIFE WITH 365 DAYS every year and what we do one day can affect our future consisting of many more days. 

Wonder why we have so many young pregnant mothers? Why women no longer value sex? Why men do not respect women and view them as only things? Well, the music gives you the answer like Nicki Minaj “ do what you like, …with who you like.”

According to a recent article “Dirty song lyrics can prompt early teen sex, degrading messages influence sexual behavior”. A study conducted by  NBC in 2006 says about 51 PERCENT  of the teenagers THAT LISTENED to  music  WITH DEGRADING  SEXUAL CONTENT BECAME TWICE AS LIKELY TO START HAVING SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITHIN A TWO-YEAR PERIOD as compared to the 29 PERCENT   of teens who RARELY OR ALMOST  NEVER LISTENED to degrading music.

Truth is that music rounds us and can invoke both positive and negative behavior and feeling. We all know this. Let’s not be fooled and save our generation from self destruction!



According to The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica,  IT IS A POPLULAR REFERENCE TO THE SIMILATION OF AGGRESSIVE OR VIOLENT SEX.  This term is a regular vocabulary word in the dictionary of many younger parents in Belize. So common now to the extent that it is normal to hear these songs blasting in mothers’ and fathers’ radios while driving their children to school, or hear it on their phones as ring tones. It is no surprise then that the Belizean public is making no fuss about seeing the videos of dry humping on our local television stations or worst, hearing it on nearly all our local radio stations.

For some nations this vulgarity is a NO!NO! Most nations have banned certain artists from entering their state or country. In the Caribbean, for example, music artists such as Mavado and Bounty Killa cannot perform in many Caribbean countries for example, Guyana, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. These countries are making their stance promising to ban any other artist whose vulgarity offends the values of their country.

What was a SURPRISE to me was that JAMAICA THE BIRTH PLACE of some of the most offensive and vulgar music HAS ALSO BANNED THE PLAYING OF DAGGERING MUSIC, MUSIC ENCOURAGING THE USE OF ILLEGAL DRUGS, HOSTILITY AND VOILENCE. It has even taken it to another level of even banning the use of bleeping. In other words REGARDLESSS OF a genre of music, whether it is Soca, Dancehall, Rap, Reggae etc., once it is considered a disturbance to the listener’s public morality or good taste, the music and video cannot be played on the local radio stations or local television channels.

The matter became a part of law for Jamaica but the Act did not die there. The law is encouraging all Caribbean nations to consider the music allowed air time.

Many of the very young readers may be saying that is unfair or even ridiculous. How will the banning of this music on our local radio and television stations change anything? Well first of all, if you want to hear it in your home no one can stop you and, if by so doing, you pollute the mind of your child, that is your business. Your child’s mental stability and development then lies in your hands. Society cleans its hands.  You have your free will to listen to whatever you like. But all of Belize does not need to hear it!   It is the duty of the Government to do everything in its means to create a society that is suitable for its people. The Government’s duty is to protect Belizeans from offense against our good taste, decency and public morality. So the next time when you put on the radio and your baby, or any other child is in the car with you or on the bus or watching television with you, you will not feel ashamed or quickly change the channel or dial.

Keep the daggering in the room not in the minds of our minors.

Let’s protect the  innocent minds of our young ones! Let’s keep our minds and bodies grounded on our Morals!

Don’t let the bad choice of music stray us away!