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Written by Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 18 July 2013 00:00

Before I say anything, let me state for the record that I hold deep respect for every individual’s constitutional right to belong to any organization they please, including any political party. I also believe that the Opposition has an inherent responsibility to be very effective in presenting the best candidates and for being the check and balance of the Government in office. I hold this view since the party I sympathize with has been the opposing party in the past and will do so again sometime in the future. I do not wish for that to happen, but it’s really not only up to me now, is it? That said, let us talk politics by introducing the latest development.

The announcement by Andrews from Rise and Shine that he is going to offer himself as a PUP candidate in the upcoming PUP convention for Belmopan came as no surprise to me. Probably, there is a plus for his decision since on the said talk show, Andrews was becoming more and more emotional and disrespectful with each passing day, and he would have ended up facing many more lawsuits because of his bravado. So he will, in the end, save some money and time since he will have less court appearances.

Truth be known, though, we all recognize that if a person wants to gain political points before a convention, he or she has to kick up a little storm to attract attention from an uninterested public. You see, it’s so far away from an election that the people could care less about who is trying to sound genuine and caring, even if that person proffers the Holy Bible as a business card.

Andrews has chosen to run under the blue tent, and has repeated several times that he weighed the two parties in the balance and found the UDP leadership wanting. His favorite phrase is that he really has great respect for the PUP’s constitution, and for the accomplishments of the late Hon. George Price. After that partisan introduction, he then runs out of common sense, since he continues by saying that he has met the present PUP party leader and he admires the man for the vision he has for this country!

Look here man, if you personally want to reduce yourself, you are welcome to do so, but don’t involve us in your inanity. Fonseca has no vision for Belize, past or future, other than to accommodate the old chap. All the reprehensible agreements that have surfaced so far bear his signature, and yet Andrews has the gall to state that he admires this gentleman’s vision? Something must be wrong with him.
If Andrews was such a fresh breath of air for the PUP, would you not think that the Belize Times would have front-paged him? Or maybe see Fonseca publicly welcome and endorse his candidacy? Nobody except Dickie Bradley and Channel Fox is giving him much attention.

But let me just back up a little to the talk show from the said TV station in Belmopan. The two hosts on that show claim to be men of God, and I need to know which denomination they represent, so I make sure I don’t subscribe to that Ministry. These two men started humbly enough, but now the little public recognition they have received through their program has gone to their heads, convincing themselves that they are now “leading” and “high interest” personalities.

Presently, their show consists of inviting Opposition leaders to the table and dissecting Government policies. Nothing wrong with that in principle, but the once informative and calm talk show has now evolved completely to include emphatic gestures, sarcastic laughter, energetic bobbing of heads and slamming of papers on the desk - the unmistakable product of hyped minds.

As I mentioned before, Andrews has the right to contest any election in any political party. He also has the right to distance himself from his father, a great Belizean and UDP hero, by saying that he really did not know his dad since he died when he was only 5 years old. But his decision to attempt to use the Bible as a breastplate to win an election is patronizing to voters, since his haughty attitude does not portray a faithful lifestyle. To borrow a popular proverb from the Good Book, “pride cometh before a fall”.