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Thursday, 18 July 2013 00:00

Roger Espejo with a small paint crew at Holy Redeemer Primary SchoolSummer is here and school is out. This is a time when schools carry out beautification exercises as kids are out of the way so to speak. Some schools can do more than others depending on their resources and this is why UDP Fort George Caretaker, Roger Espejo tries to match small employment opportunities for at risk youth in the area.

Lately, he's been generating employment through the painting of school buildings. He believes that in this way two birds can be killed with 1 stone, maybe three. He seeks business donors, who contribute directly to the school for beautification purposes and in doing so, enables the school to pay for labor. Then he seeks out unemployed youth, gives them brief coaching and promptly put's them to work. It's very simple he says, "Schools want  better looking buildings, businesses want a better looking city and the youth want to work". And so, Councillor Espejo has embarked on a worthy project which he expects to build on within his area. Already he has completed three weeks of this inspirational program and this weekend hopes to complete his fourth. With the support of the business community and the will of the youth, his project, hopes to help every school in the Fort George division.

Under the watch of a supervisor and sometimes the school, the youths perform very well which Councillor Espejo finds noteworthy and, as he puts it, "inspiring to others".