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Thursday, 25 July 2013 00:00

Felicia Chen being escorted to courtOn Monday, July 22nd, Felicia Chen, the young mother who police claim is responsible for the murder of 3 of her young children, reappeared in Magistrate’s Court.

While in court, she only got an adjournment and was ordered more time in a psychiatric facility.

In court, the mother who is still represented by attorney, Antoinette Moore, was given a next adjournment date for September 3rd and Chen was further remanded to the same facility where she has been held since her arrest.

She appeared before Magistrate Leslie Hamilton in Court #3 where all media persons was asked to leave and the matter was held “in camera.”

We understand that inside the courtroom, Magistrate Hamilton heard from her Psychiatric Nurse and a Social Worker. Information revealed to the court was not made public due to the sensitive nature of the triple homicide case.

On Tuesday, April 30th, Chen was charged with three counts of murder for the Saturday, April 27th murder of 3 of her 4 children aged 1, 3 and 4 years. The children killed were 2 girls and a boy.

Chen reportedly left her Mile 8 home from where she caught a bus and stopped off at Belizean Beach. Whilst at the swimming area, she allegedly drowned the children one by one.

Her eldest, age 6, a little girl saw what her mother was doing and as a result ran for help.

By the time police personnel and Coast Guard authorities from the area responded, 3 of Chen’s youngest children had already been killed.

Their lifeless bodies were found floating in the shallow waters by the time police officers who responded to the incident.

Since her arraignment on Tuesday, April 30th, Chen has been in a medical facility where she is being treated for some mental disorder. In her latest court appearance, she appeared calmer and relaxed. It appears as if though she has gained weight. Her complexion has become fairer as a result of lack of outside activities.