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Thursday, 25 July 2013 00:00

Denfield LemottOn Tuesday, July 23rd, 34-year-old Belize City resident Denfield Lemott was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment when he appeared before Magistrate, Dale Cayetano on a charge of theft.

Lemott was charged with stealing a purse belonging to Laverne Staine which contained $1,350 in Belize Currency, US $40, and 350 pesos. Staine told police that on Friday, July 20th, at about 6:40 p.m., Lemott visited her office at the Supreme Court building and removed her purse. He was caught shortly thereafter as he was seen leaving the building by a court security guard. Police caught up with him shortly thereafter.

According to police, Lemott told them, “I think ah wah ker yuh weh I throw the purse.” He then took them to Holy Redeemer School where he stuck his hand into a PVC pipe and retrieved $350.00 in pesos.
In court, Lemott said he put the pesos in that area after it was given to him by an unknown person. He was not in agreement with the police's version that it was he who took them to recover the purse. He further alleged police brutality. He told Magistrate Dale Cayetano that the police took him on a joy ride and alluded to the magistrate that his injured hand was as a result of that. The magistrate did not buy his stories and found him guilty and imposed a 5-year jail term.

Lemott has 12 previous convictions for offenses of dishonesty including handling stolen goods, theft, robbery, aggravated assault and drug possession. He presently has two theft charges pending before the court. The most recent is for the alleged theft of a $5.00 water gallon belonging to Joan Burke which is alleged to have occurred on June 12th.