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Thursday, 25 July 2013 00:00

Lloyd YoungWelcome Home, Brother Lloyd, Welcome Home.

Today is a hard and sad day for all of us; we have lost a very special person in our lives.

For Alice... a loyal, devoted husband and BEST friend.
For Marc and Andrea... a loving and encouraging father.
For Lloyd’s family… a kind and genuine brother and uncle.
For other family members and Friends...a friend you could count on.

Lloyd does not need me to build him up. All of us who knew would agree that he was a good and decent man. A man of lofty principles, a man of character, a faithful man; honest, full of love for his family, for his country and for his fellow man.

A bond of friendship formed in our younger years here in Belize and strengthened through the years. As bachelors, we shared an apartment in Chicago. We oftentimes ate at Smitty’s Restaurant in our neighborhood; Smitty would always refer to us as Brother Lloyd and Brother Cliff and as time passed, the term became more meaningful. Let me share a short story with you. Because we were seen together so often, a friend of Lloyd’s (at a party) asked me, “Where is your brother?” I told him that Lloyd was not actually my brother. He wanted to see my license to prove it! I so I did just that.

Lloyd’s bachelor days were over when he met the girl of his dreams. Alice was not only attractive, but the perfect fit for Lloyd’s personality.

She was always patient, kind and on top of that, a great cook.  There is some truth to the old adage “a way to a man’s heart is his stomach!”

Lloyd loved his Belizean food and Alice was the best. I was happy to be invited to their house every Sunday to partake of these feasts. When he met Alice, he knew she was the one he was waiting for. They married on August 8th, which happens to be my birthday, and so when he called to wish me a Happy Birthday, I would answer, and “Happy Anniversary to you and Alice!” In time, there came their two precious children, Marc and Andrea and I am proud to say that I am Andrea’s Godfather.

Beside being a devoted family man, Lloyd’s other interests centered around politics and sports. When it came to politics, the US and Belize were his top priorities. For many years, he belonged to the Consortium of Belize in Chicago. The year Prime Minister Esquivel visited Chicago, Lloyd chauffeured him around taking him to meet with Mayor Daley and to have an audience with Cardinal Bernadin. After the meetings and formalities were over, the Prime Minister and the Belize Dignitaries were invited to Wrigley Field for the “Belizean Day with the Chicago Cubs”. When somebody offered the Prime Minister a cold beer, Lloyd’s eyes went up and he gave me a look of: What???

When it came to sports, I believe his favorite was boxing. We got tickets for the Ali-Liston fight and were prepared for a good fight. We no sooner sat down and the fight was over.  Ali knocked Liston out in the 1st round.  What a disappointment that was! On the way home, Lloyd said he believed Liston threw the fight; I countered with: Ali was just too quick for him. No more was said; we both held to our opinions.
Lloyd showed a great interest in the sea and sailing. He loved going to boat shows and did show his expertise on types of boats.  He always picked a few out that he would like to have in Belize. He was one of the youngest Belizeans to sail a boat from Belize to Miami. There were plenty of doubters, but he proved them all to be wrong.