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Written by Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 01 August 2013 00:00

The most recent of these positive developments is the judgment by the CCJ denying an $88 million arbitration award previously allowed to the Alliance. This was indeed welcome news since where on earth would we have gotten this sizeable amount of money to pay for this claim? Relief is too gentle a word to describe my feelings after the announcement was made on the news. But I shall touch on that arbitration subject later since it combines nicely with my topic for this week. First though, I want to talk about the sculptor and his piece of marble.

This is the second time around that we have seen Okeke rant-and-rail in the evening news about City Hall not wanting to pay him for his artwork, which now is a sculptured bust in the likeness of Antonio Soberanis. Before I had the opportunity to hear out the entire tantrum being thrown by Okeke, I was actually sympathizing with the man, until the interviewer asked him if City Hall had commissioned him to do the Soberanis bust.

He responded that no, they did not, but he still feels that they are obligated to purchase it from him (for $50,000). In his incensed and indignant appearance on the screen, I began wondering which part of Africa this man originally comes from, because he surely can’t come from the same place that Mandela does. These two personalities are completely opposite; one noble and intelligent, the other “ignorant” and “facey.”

I mean, how the hell can I defend an argument that another person must purchase my product, not because he tasked me to do it, but because I personally am convinced that he should buy it. Let me put it another way: what mindset does Okeke possess to actually get angry with someone for not buying his product if that someone never did engage this product from him? This man is truly incredible, and I can only say that at the end of that interview, my jaw was dropped and my flabber was gasted!

The other piece of news which got me feeling good, and then upset, was the newscast of July 26 on Channel Fox. First, we were treated to a really short, but sweet, report on the CCJ ruling which had the principal surrogate for the Alliance on the verge of tears. The usually upbeat and feisty attorney was for once showing defeat on his face; probably not much in sympathy for Ashcroft, but maybe for the loss of his commission!

Anyway, Channel Fox then proceeded to moan on the monetary amount GOB was spending in hiring top attorneys to defend against lawsuits, and then they began making sly suggestions as to which law firms were benefitting from this high-level employment. Let me say this: no matter what Government’s attorneys cost, it will never add up to the $88 million Mr. Sterling wanted to wrench from our country and people. And many people I speak to don’t focus much on costs when it involes defending our country’s principles from those that try to rape her. Some try it at the border, and some try it under the table with crooked politicians.

But my spleen got a little more swollen after the newscaster went on to say that “this case no done yet”! Look at Fox’s final comments on the CCJ ruling: “Following the decision, the lawyers we consulted suggested that it now seems likely that G.O.B. will end up being sued for entering into a contract that is against public policy and thus causing loss to the bank and its holding company”.
These people are very close to Okeke in attitude. First they sue because they claim that the Musa/Fonseca accommodation agreements and settlement deeds are lawful. But when they lose this argument, they now claim they will sue our new Government for signing the same unlawful contracts they once held dear? Will this craziness ever end?