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Written by The Guardian   
Thursday, 01 August 2013 00:00

Round of applause to the winner, FACEBOOK, for providing Belizeans and the world, with our latest on everything that is important to a few. Everyone knows of this social network; from the very young to dogs have an account. Considering that fact don’t you think that at times people just give too much information? From the time they rise, to the places they are, have gone and will go; all is documented on Facebook. Facebook knows it all. It is, to many, an everyday journal or diary; a living novella. It is Belize’s latest board and if you ask “weh u heah dat from? it deh all ova Facebook gyal” is the response. I mean seriously you do not need an invitation or to even ask, once it is on Facebook, it is everyone’s business. Breakups, baby births, world and local news; Facebook knows it. And if you want to make an enemy, simply unfriend a person and the person and everyone else will know there is a problem.

But even though Facebook has its friends and its foes, no one can deny that it is extremely easy and an almost necessary method of communication. However, when things are too easy and too well-liked there is almost always going to be a problem.

Many of the youngsters may not be too aware of the security issues of Facebook. How easily it can be hacked and how easily their personal information can become public information.

People are cursed, criticized, ridiculed and even stalked on Facebook. I can find a person’s address, phone number, place of living, family pictures and friends and a lot more on Facebook. If I was a killer, Facebook users have just made my job much easier. I don’t need to research just check updates where they will go and with who and follow.  But  to give an example that touches home base, young people should no longer be amazed when a random stranger walks up to you and knows your name and what you did last summer or when some loser calls asking how you are doing and you have no clue who this person is and how he got your details. I mean taking into consideration that you lay every detail of your life on the social realm; do not be surprised that he or she also has all your pictures printed on his wall. We have given Facebook and all its users more than just a glimpse of who we are, confessing every single detail of our life, leaving our life itself open to predators.

Ladies and gentlemen, all I am saying is that we need to be careful of how much we expose on the social media. I am not restricting this advice only to Facebook but all others including but not limited to OVOO , Skype,  Whatsapp, and Viber.  Guard your personal information as if though you may become the king or queen of England and any leak of your life may be detrimental to you obtaining the throne”.

All age groups are affected when we give too much control of our personal information to the world. Sadly but truthfully the world is not our friend. There are people we met on the social media that we think are friends and are simply con artists ready to get your information to become you or take part of what belongs to you. There are also children being harassed by older men, persuaded  to believe that there is no age for love and that they should meet; and others that are fooled to pay bills or send money because their partners are in need. Some, are promised to be loved and respected and are asked to video there sexual activities.

Many of us as students have and friends have witnessed the blue-toothing of some of our friends’ or classmates’ sex videos or being tagged to the pictures of a few on Facebook. People are so sick-minded and really have nothing better to do than cause malice. Maliciously sending emails and making special accounts to expose ladies.

Guys, we all know technology has advanced.  Let’s not be ignorant to the development. Most social media allow videos and pictures to be taken. Cameras now come in many shapes, sizes, colors and objects. We need to be careful of what we do, who we do it with, and where. Anyone can become a victim in this world where technology is nothing secured. A two-bladed sword I call it.

According to NBC news of June 21, 2013, 6 million users’ phone numbers an email addresses were exposed to unauthorized views over the past year and this information disclosure was just made public on the 14th of June 2013. It took Facebook a year to disclose to the public that it had allowed thousands of users to view personal information of millions of people. This may seem very simple and even an unimportant action on Facebook’s part but imagine random strangers having your personal information. I mean, think about it, Facebook took a year to tell us they had exposed numbers and addresses; so how long will it take them to inform us that they have exposed more than just our basic information?Will  they ever admit that more has or is being exposed?

You may be thinking that if your information is used by someone or you are exposed on a website you can take legal measures. Yes this is an option, there are laws that protect the rights of people in regards to suing or prosecuting those who expose unauthorized sexual or inappropriate pictures on the media. Considering that you need to prove that the person posted the pictures, how much can you really gain? I mean there is a possibility that almost 50% of the 600 million daily users of Facebook may have seen all your junk. How much money can pay for humiliation and your reputation? How much money will regain your respect from others? NONE! No money can buy you respect. When that is lost, it is lost. You cannot buy it or find it.

So the next time you post on Facebook, remember it's not just your mom, uncle, aunt, teacher or friend who may be reading your post, seeing and admiring your pictures.There are also jobs now that do a background search on you using your Facebook profile and as I mentioned before, people are using your personal information to cause trouble. 

Please stop giving every detail of your life. Some details are just too much information for Facebook. Honestly, we all did not need to know that you are a male sitting on your toilet and you ran out of paper, seriously TMI (too much information) “kip it to uself…”

Apart from that, folks, if you want to waste time, laugh at some people and find out people’s business, then Facebook AKA Fassbook is the social network for you.