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Thursday, 08 August 2013 00:00

Luke EspatHe has surfaced as perhaps the biggest and most monumental failure as a businessman in the country and now Luke Espat is seeking to be a full time politician. It is a wonder why it is that this man having failure after failure under his belt now wants to run for electoral politics.

When the announcement was made last week it seemed almost like a joke, but now he is pressing forward and is going on the media circuit to officially make the announcement and to show his face to all and sundry. What Luke fails to realize is that his arrogant ways and his ‘steppish’ behavior is frowned upon not only by those who look on, but by those who know him very well. People like his party leader, Francis Fonseca, treat him like a leper.

There is great reason for this attitude to be taken against Espat. Just about every single venture that he has been involved with has been an utter failure. His failures began as far back as the early ‘90’s when he was involved in the construction of houses near mile 4 on the George Price Highway. But no sooner had those buildings being erected than they began to sink, yes, slowly and surely the building are making their way into the ground. Leaning houses are all that remain of that development, so much so that people refer to that area as ‘Leanaville’. Still there are persons who paid for those houses and had to abandon them shortly after taking up residence, being left with nothing but a bill.

Then there was the construction of the Iguana Creek bridge, for young readers, they may not know, but there is a bridge sitting at the bottom of the river that should have connected the Spanish Lookout community to the George Price Highway. Luke Espat was a principal in that venture, that too was an utter failure. Shortly after being constructed the bridge collapsed into the river. The people of Belize were thus deprived of hundreds of thousands of dollars and Luke Espat was involved in that.

Despite those failures, Espat pressed on and on with other projects, among those was the Universal Health Services which ended in having the government pay the financiers moneys that were to have been used for housing and the healthcare sector to settle that debt. $10 million U.S. dollars from Taiwan, $20 million dollars from Venezuela, and still the project went belly up under his watch. 

And he continued, Crockland... that was a failure. Indeco... that was a failure. Renaissance Tower... that was a failure.  All of these projects went into receivership under his stewardship and now he wants to run for politics? And maybe it is that he would want to run for politics because there are those who strongly believe that Espat was able to undertake all of the ventures he did because he enjoyed favoritism by the People’s United Party government and he now yearns to have those privileges restored once again.

In Espat’s attempt to make his way into electoral politics, he is thrashing the current PUP Standard Bearer for Cayo Central, Collett Montejo who is out of the country. Now he finds himself trying to defend his position via Facebook.  He says he is out of the country and states that Luke is taking advantage of his absence and added that he will be running again. He even went as far as to beg Luke to withdraw. That confrontation now bears watching.

What also bears watching is the relationship between Luke and Francis Fonseca. There are those within the PUP who believe that Espat should not run because of his multiple failures which are considered a large part of his baggage which the PUP cannot afford to be carrying around at this time.