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Thursday, 08 August 2013 00:00

Proud Lake I Resident receives her land documents from Over one hundred residents of the Lake Independence constituency anxiously waited at the constituency office for Area Representative, Hon. Mark King, at the corner of Periwinkle and Mahogany Streets. They sat and patiently awaited the arrival of Hon. King and despite it being a more than usual waiting period, it was all worthwhile.

Immediately on his arrival, the reason for the patients was made clear. Hon. King arrived in the company of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture, Hon. Gapar Vega. The two ministers then made it to the head of the gathering and after a few greetings it was on to the business of the day. One hundred and sixteen brown manila envelopes waited on the table and after speeches by Hon. Mark King and Hon. Gaspar Vega 116 names were called. People in the division were either getting their land titles or purchase price for their piece of land.

One lady, Miss Pearl, pointed out that she had been living on her piece of land for the past 25 years and had not gotten the opportunity to obtain her title. Now for a mere 800 dollars she has been given the opportunity to own her land and she says hopefully she will pass it on to her daughter. It has been a frustrating process to try to get the land but now Hon. Mark King had saved her the frustration of visiting Belmopan for countless times. Her land papers were given to her in her hand and she was almost speechless when she spoke about owning her property.

And that is exactly what the aim of Hon. King was. He said that countless residents of Lake Independence have problems acquiring their land and it was indeed his pleasure to be able to assist. He explained that people have multiple problems in trying to get their land, from not having paid their land taxes to having family disputes over land. He says he had to sift through these problems and finally he was able to deliver 116 land documents.

Hon. Gaspar Vega who delivered the documents explained to those receiving lands, that King was one of those representatives that truly cares for his people and took time out to be at the lands department in order to be able to secure the documents for his constituents. There was one message that rang through during his address, that is  his imploring residents not to sell their land for the sake of having a party since there is limited availability of land and there are thousands of Belizeans waiting in line to receive their land. The second time around would not be easy he noted as all the others will also be waiting in the queue.

Hon.  King calls his program the Land Amnesty in Lake I and he says it will be a yearly feature of his delivering the services to his people.