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Thursday, 08 August 2013 00:00

Said Musa and Francis FonsecaListening to the House Meeting on Wednesday and Said Musa’s reaction to the Caribbean Court of Justice, with him saying “I accept full responsibility,” simply won’t cut it. But then again, this is Said Musa, and not very much could have been expected of him. For him to simply say that it was his fault and then to try to justify that he had broken the law is simply inexcusable. Most would have expected him to say, “I resign, because I did the country wrong.” Instead he went into a drawn out explanation as to why he put the country in the predicament where it almost cost tax payers 88 million dollars.

He said that the Settlement Deed was as a result of his administration trying to deliver on manifesto promises of ending the telecommunications monopoly. He even had the gall to say that free and affordable internet in schools were also a reason for costing the country so much money.  What he did he claimed was “in good faith” and he had nothing but “noble motives.” Yeah right! And as he went into his melodrama of expunging himself the lackeys in the gallery yelled and clapped.

Hon. Sedi Elrington minced no words for them, and made reference to Matthew 15: 10-15 where the blind lead the blind they all fall into a ditch. He then went on to chastise those who cheered Musa knowing that what he did was to take their money and give it to the richest man in the country. He then went on to rebuke Francis Fonseca for having been a party to the signing. He as an attorney, and as the Attorney General, should have known better. As a trained attorney, he  said, the Attorney General is legally trained, he should be a leader, he must think and read before he signs documents.

Next to add condemnation on Musa was Hon. Anthony Boots Martinez who found it difficult to understand how it was that the Musa administration could have bought BTL for 52 million dollars and turn around and sell it for 38 million dollars.

The harshest criticism came from the Prime Minister who commented on an interview by Francis Fonseca who stated that the Settlement Deed did not amount to corruption. He advised them to look up the meaning of the word.