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Thursday, 08 August 2013 00:00

Dolores Balderamos Garcia and Jose MaiDoes Dolores Balderamos Garcia go about her day looking to see people as they are urinating? It certainly does appear that way as she described having seen the Mace Bearer for the National Assembly whom she says she saw urinating on the street. And as she went about being petty and small minded about the episode there was quick interjection by members of government who pointed out to her that matters that she should have been addressing ought to have been of national importance. If she believed that what the Mace Bearer did was inappropriate, she should have brought it to the attention of the Speaker of the House who would have handled it as a staff matter.

The point here is that Dolores is an Area Representative and as such should have brought up issues that affect her constituents instead of highlighting the fact that she tried to sneak a peek at Yellowman's private parts. And while she was on the topic of conduct of members of the National Assembly, Dolores forgot to mention that not too long ago, Jose Mai, who is an elected Area Representative was caught contrabanding beer into the country. Dolores said that members of the house should learn to conduct themselves, all she needed to have done was look to those closest to her and apply her reprimand where it belonged.

All that time she wasted in chiding Yellowman, she could have spent in bringing up matters that directly affect her constituents in Belize Rural Central. Some of those matters include the fact that she is permanently unavailable to them and has never offered an iota of assistance to those in the constituency who need it despite the fact that she has a budget to do so.