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Thursday, 08 August 2013 00:00

Raymundo Reyes

Three high ranking members of the Belize Police Department have just returned to the Country after a week of training in El Salvador. Deputy Commander of the San Ignacio Police Formation Reymundo Reyes, Christopher Noble, Officer in Charge of Ladyville and Corporal W Mclaughlin from the Corozal Police Formation, were out of the country for almost two weeks learning how to improve in-Country Community Policing oriented programs. The three police officers left the country on July 15th and returned on July 28th 2013.

The three police officers learned many lessons from their other partners in El Salvador, as well as from officers coming from Honduras, Guatemala and Brazil, who shared their experiences on community policing. Deputy Commander Reymundo Reyes, during the first day of the training, took the opportunity to share about the vibrant relations that now exist between the Community and San Ignacio Police in the Western Zone of the Country. Reyes informed his partners from the Americas that the Belize initiatives of the Cayo Neighborhood Watch Association CNWA, the Peoples’ Coalition of Cayo PCC and the Special Constables Program were working well and doing much to reduce crime in the west of Belize.

The training in El Salvador was a great learning experience for the Belizean Police Officers. One of the great lessons learnt from El Salvador was that zones should not have only one precinct but should be divided to allow for more effective reaction by the police to crime.

“…they divide the zones and ensure that they have police officers as a unit and they control certain areas or zones which they are responsible for..,” says Reymundo Reyes.