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Written by Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 08 August 2013 00:00

Julius EspatAs usual I enjoyed the meeting of the House of Representatives held on Wednesday 7 August, which was spirited, informative and exciting. And again, as usual, the Espat from Cayo was brassy and boisterous with his trademark habit of grandstanding in an attempt to score political points, not by dazzling us with his brilliance, but by confusing us with his clatter.

I was also pleased to hear the Speaker getting engaged in the debate regarding the Espat motion to change the Public Accounts Committee composition; I think he was reasoned in his clarification of the Standing Orders regarding the motion, and even managed to convince Mr. Musa to agree with him that Espat was out of order. That was indeed interesting to me, especially when Espat was asked whom he thought he was, to always declare that he spoke on behalf of the people of Belize!

In that last regard, I say this loud and clear to the man who got the government property on Regent Street for a pittance from the PUP Government and then promptly resold it for millions---you, sir, do not speak for me and will never do so once you represent a political Party that is rotted to the core.

So stop that nonsense about speaking on behalf of the people of Belize as if you have their mandate to do so. The majority of voters in the 2012 general elections did not give the PUP the constitutional authority to make financial decisions on their behalf because they simply do not trust the PUP. Public support for the Opposition has dwindled even further as more acts of treachery have surfaced, fully orchestrated by the present leadership of the said political party.

As to the Chamber, once again they shot from the hip and tried to ride Espat’s spaceship in fantasy land. It is so amazing how the PUP always wants to share power when they are in Opposition, but will boldly claim “we run things” when in government. It must really be painful to be going on talk shows claiming with utmost confidence that the PUP will form the next government, fully knowing that they will not have that opportunity to test that statement for the next four long years!

Staying on the topic of the House meeting, I listened as the jazzy schoolmarm kept true to form and made her customary contribution by trying to scold members; this pious attitude now being extended to the sergeant at arms. She says that House Members must represent “proper decorum, behavior and order”. This Lady always tries to exemplify this image of virtuosity as if she alone among the other House Members is so deserving of being a representative! Pure show, I think. That’s only my take, so may the Lord in heaven forgive me if I am wrong about her, but I doubt it. Remember, she has her own track record as a minister in government and it is not anything that I would put on my job application, mi friend Traffic Torres!

Well, to wrap up, the Espat motion was denied since it was both against the Standing Orders and proper logic. To me it makes no sense for an elected majority to give constitutional authority to the Opposition to be able to, not check, but chock the work of government. From the comments I have heard, the UDP did the right thing again.