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Thursday, 15 August 2013 00:00

Gilroy Usher Sr.The People’s United Party’s United Women’s Group was nowhere to be found when PUP Standard Bearer in Port Loyola was escorted to the Magistrate’s Court to be charged after he allegedly beat his wife. It would seem that this is an issue that they ought to be condemning considering the hullabaloo that they made when they claimed to be coming out in defense of Dolores Balderamos Garcia after they claim she was being mistreated.

Despite their not being present, Gilroy Usher Sr., who represented the PUP in the last General Election in the Port Loyola division and who failed miserably, was paraded to Magistrate’s Court where he was formally charged with causing harm to his wife, 51-year-old Magdalena Usher.  The wife reported to police that on Monday August 12th, Gilroy Usher Sr. beat her. She stated that sometime before 9 on that morning she was hit in the face multiple times by Gilroy Usher Sr. Information reaching the Guardian suggests that Usher used a pint bottle to hit his wife in the face.

A medico legal form was issued to Magdalena Usher and she sought medical attention during which her injuries were classified as harm. Two days after the incident occurred, Usher was arraigned before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart on a single charge of harm.

In court, he pleaded not guilty the charge and there was no objection to bail which was offered to him in the sum of 900 dollars and a surety of the same amount. Before the matter was adjourned to September 25th, Usher was ordered to attend the Batterers Intervention Program that is offered through the Belize Women’s Department which is located on Albert Street. Magistrate Stuart informed him that the program was geared especially for persons like him. He was then given a form to enroll in the program which he must take when he enrolls in the program. Magistrate Stewart further told Usher that he needed to visit the Women’s Department as soon as he met bail.

Bail was granted to Usher under the condition that he move out of the house he shares with his wife and go and live with his daughter. He was also ordered to stay away from his wife and that he must enrole in the Batterers program as soon as possible.

Speaking in court, Usher Sr. told the magistrate that he expects the matter to be withdrawn before the next adjournment date. He further stated that, “It was a procedural matter. The matter was reported at the station but it will be withdrawn.

We should note that this is the kind of things that the United Women’s Group of the PUP should be pursuing as here is a case where one of their own is accused of beating on a woman. They were however absent, neither concerned about Usher’s wife or him who by all appearances does need some kind of assistance. This is a true life example of a woman being taken advantage of yet they are silent.

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