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Thursday, 15 August 2013 00:00

Dolores Balderamos GarciaDoes anyone believe that the power hungry representative from Belize Rural Central was so “hurted” that she did not want to return to the House? Please! Being in the House of Representatives is her only reason for being in politics. Her reason is certainly not to help the people because her record shows that for five years as Representative for Port Loyola she was Missing In Action and now in Belize Rural Central she is as infamous as Tata Duende, starring many unpleasant tales but has never been seen in real life. The People’s United Party knows fully well that the longer the public is talking about Dolores’s feelings the longer the focus is off the fact that the past and present leader of their party was chastised by the Caribbean Court of Justice and internationally exposed as corrupt men, and in the case of Fonseca a dangerous candidate for Prime Minister. 

Dolores stood up over Yellowman, looked down on him and publicly shamed him on a nationally broadcasted stage. It was her attempt to publicly castrate a man she sees as a pest - a man who in her mind has no reason to be sitting in a House of which she is a member. Instead of speaking about the needs of her constituents and despite being cautioned by multiple Representatives on Government’s side, she stood above Yellowman and repeated all the nastiest things she has ever heard about him with the entire nation listening. She did this knowing that he was not allowed to respond to her or defend himself. It was her way of showing him just who is boss.

To understand Dolores’s actions one must understand the woman. She is one who can’t even stand the touch of the common man. She has been accused of reaching for the hand sanitizer after almost every handshake on the campaign trail. She sees Yellowman and those of us from humble origins as second class citizens and finds it incomprehensible that a man from the streets actually played a role in her demise in Hattieville, Ladyville, Lord’s Bank and other villages in the recent elections. What Dolores doesn’t understand is that while she sees Yellowman and those of us like him as second class citizens, Hon. Michael Finnegan sees him as a “brotha” and her words probably hurt the Representative from Mesopotamia even more than it hurt Yellowman himself. He rose to defend a dear friend and in the heat of his response probably went a bit too far.

Hon. Finnegan’s remarks should not let Dolores off the hook and certainly should not divert attention from the fact that Said Musa and Francis Fonseca still has much to answer about their secret agreement that almost cost Belizean taxpayers $88 million. Instead of answering the tough questions, Musa sat comfortably at a women’s rally in which executives of his party complained about disrespect of women- sat comfortably between multiple women as they did their best to satisfy his desires. The leaders of the group called for Finnegan to resign for disrespecting a woman of the House. Maybe someone would find them credible if they say a word about Gilroy Usher who is currently facing charges for not just disrespect but physically abusing the woman of his house in a most barbaric manner.

When Dolores accuses Yellowman of urinating in public we can speak about all the men on their side of the House who have done the same. When she accuses him of taking a drink outside the House we can speak of those on her side who have taken drinks and smoke cigars inside the House. When she speaks about his conviction for harm because he placed his hand on a woman over a decade ago we can speak of one of their standard bearers who blasted a pint in his woman’s face some days ago. And if she continues to talk about people’s personal life we can talk about hers. Maybe if we do that she makes good on her promise not to return to the House for which the residents of Rural Central would say Halleluiah. However, we will not dive into the gutter to meet the PUP. We prefer the message be focused on issues of national importance so the people can truly rid the country of cancerous cells.