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Thursday, 15 August 2013 00:00

Dolores Balderamos GarciaFrom the day of elections in March of 2012, Dolores has not been seen or heard from in her constituency. She only resurfaced during the last village council elections, but when she did invariably she met up with a formidable challenge in all the villages. The challenge was so great that she lost virtually all the villages in her constituency. To a great degree, Brian ‘Yellowman’ Audinet was present in just about every one of those elections, and Dolores resented that and keeps on resenting it. So great was that resentment that she could not wait for an opportunity to try to get back at him and malign him in a national forum.

On Wednesday of last week she got an opportunity to do so; however, the brakes were put on her vitriol and now she is crying foul.  Dolores made a blunder of things speaking on the adjournment during last week’s House Meeting, and because she was taken to task for maligning Yellowman she is saying she was unfairly treated as a woman. In truth, if she had a problem with the manner in which Yellowman behaves, she should have written the Speaker of the House and it should have been dealt with as a staff issue, not as a matter of national prominence.

Her attacking Yellowman proves that this woman simply is a representative missing in her constituency. Any ordinary individual could have told Dolores that instead of getting up and attacking Yellowman she should have addressed concerns within her constituency. She did not do this because she does not have a clue of what is going on in Belize Rural Central instead she opted to be, in classic fashion, the ‘Miss Put-to-Right’ in the National Assembly.  She ranted about public decorum and how people should behave whilst in pubic and she forgot that within her very household there is at least one individual who really needs her scolding to put him right.

A word of advice for Dolores, the next time there is a House Meeting please make sure you address the concerns of your constituents. They are beginning to get fed up of you and your behavior. Do your job in your constituency and in the House and stop trying to be Miss Put-to-Right.