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Written by The Guardian   
Thursday, 15 August 2013 00:00

Bacon BoyIt seems that the Bacon Boy, Mark Lizarraga, really has his concerns misdirected. He rose to speak in the Senate on Monday, August 14th only to show that he really does not belong in the Senate representing the business community. The biggest concern he had was wanting to know how much money was being paid by government in legal fees in the most recent CCJ judgment which saved Belizean taxpayers 88 Million dollars. If it were 10 million dollars (and we are not saying that is the figure) that were paid in legal fees it would have been justified considering the outcome of the judgment. After the CCJ ruling, Belize was absolved from paying the 88 million dollar arbitration award along with the interest which it was bearing.

Maybe a concern that he should have brought up was the fact that unlike every other business (he represents the business community) in the country of Belize, Ashcroft was given a special tax arrangement that exempted his companies BCB and Belize Bank from paying taxes up to 2020. As the business representative on the senate, one would have thought that would have been his concern, but of course it was not. For one individual to have been illegally given tax breaks is something that the business community and he as the representative should be concerned about.

After waxing about the legal fees being paid for the country to save $88 million he went on to ask for a division of the Senate and voted against the 10.4 million dollar investment that the government will be making through the Caribbean Development Bank Youth and Community Transformation Project Loan. That project is expected to reduce vulnerability of children and youth to crime and gang membership in Collet, Lake-I, Pickstock and Port Loyola, but Lizarraga did not see the need for this investment.

After his performance at the Senate, we wonder if he is getting direction for his positions from the business sector whom he should be representing or he just operates out of his personal whims and fancies.