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Thursday, 22 August 2013 00:00

Ruth Logan, Amin Hegar and Patrick AndrewsThere is a storm brewing in Belmopan within the People’s United Party where contestants for their convention in that division are crawling out of the woodwork. In Mid July Jason Andrews showed his true colors and declared that he would be contesting the Belmopan constituency. He even produced a picture showing Amin Hegar shaking his hand. Shortly thereafter Julius Espat claimed to have been able to solidify the deal where Hegar would support Andrews. And the picture did seem to be convincing with both Andrews and Hegar sharing a charming smile. But PUP politicos are vipers and there was not time enough for Andrews’ seat to cool off on Plus TV when Hegar announced that he actually was not supporting him for the Belmopan constituency. He has boldly declared that he will shake anyone’s hand and take pictures with them. This is the kind of man Hegar is.

Now he is saying he never endorsed Andrews and according to him, the people of Belmopan are clamoring for his return. We are not sure of this story. In fact the would-be king maker, Julius Espat, seems to have made some deal with Hegar for the endorsement, however, in true PUP fashion he did not deliver and now the old horse is back in the paddock ready for another race.

Meanwhile contestants are lining up as if being invited to the Price is Right show and they are declaring that they want Belmopan. Another contestant was declared on Monday of this week. The obscure and unimpressive Rutilia Logan launched her bid and that now makes it three who have declared for the PUP. There is no telling how this will end and how much money will be passed about to add and drop (the 100,000 dollar figure has already been tossed about) candidates but we will keep on watching.  

As for Julius Espat, it is no secret that he is aspiring for leadership of the PUP; he is hungry and is readying the troops to topple Francis Fonseca. Not to be outdone however, Fonseca is keeping his loyalists close and he has somehow persuaded Hegar to return but not only that, he was persuaded to declare loyalty to Fonseca. So much for Espat’s easy streak. Remember he has already secretly brought in Luke Espat while publicly declaring that, ‘he no got nuttn fi do with that’. All in all its an interesting turn of events in Belmopan where money, greed and viper fangs will be plenty on display.