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Thursday, 22 August 2013 00:00

Man from Cayo survives a second attempt on his life

At about 8:00 P.M. on Monday of this week, residents in Santa Elena Town, Cayo were startled by several loud bursts in rapid succession coming from an unidentified area. At first everyone thought that they were coming from large fire crackers but on closer inspection 13 nine mm expended shells and one live round of a 9 mm S& B Brand ammunition was found on the ground near to the former Greedy’s Pizza location, near the La Loma Luz Hospital in the Red Creek Section of Santa Elena Town. The location of the shooting was abandoned a few years ago after a daylight invasion. It is an abandoned lot with a large open building, adorned with curved architecture in a poorly lit area and serves as a perfect hiding place for criminals to pounce on their victims.

Not far away was Mathew Ifield, 32-year-old Belizean laborer from the Red Creek Area, who was bleeding profusely as a result of a single gunshot wound to the right thigh. Mathew Ifield was being assisted by his brother Anthony Ifield and preparations were made to take him to the La Loma Luz Hospital. Ifield was later transported to the Western Regional Hospital for further treatment.

Mathew Ifield had been shot in front of the former Greedy’s Pizza establishment. Ifield was riding his mountain climber bicycle from the ‘New Flavors’ Restaurant and was heading in a West to East direction on the left hand side of the George Price Highway when a man came out of the shadows and fired shots at him. The assailant, a male Hispanic person about five feet and four inches in height, wearing a black shirt, with a warm cap over his face, continued firing multiple times but was unable to hit his mark a second time. Even though he had been shot in the right thigh, Mathew Ifield continued to ride his bicycle to the front of his residence, where he then fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, the gunman escaped through the well lit La Loma Luz Hospital Compound.

Police have taken this latest incident seriously given that Mathew Ifield was a target about three weeks ago at his residence in Red Creek. Investigators are now combing the area and conducting interviews in an effort to identify the gunman and prevent a further escalation of this latest incident

San Ignacio Police Make Recovery of Stolen Goods

Police attached to the San Ignacio Police formation have managed to recover over $10,000.00 worth of stolen items during one week of work. Without the support from the Cayo Community, such successes would not have been possible.

In the first case Ivan Escobar, 30 years old mason from Cristo Rey Road, reported that on August 18th his concrete house was burglarized. Stolen from his residence were a number of high-value electronic items totaling to a cost of $3,405.00 As a result of the excellent relations that San Ignacio Police has with the Community, two persons have been detained. Both Jamir Calderon, 21-year-old Belizean of Cristo Rey Village, and Stanley Peters, 23-year-old Belizean laborer of George Price Highway, were questioned which led to the recovery of all stolen items. Jamir Calderon and Stanley Peters have since been charged for the crime of burglary and handling stolen goods.

A bit further West, 44 year old Jorje Chi, sales manager from S.M.A.R.T. complained that a tall dark male person had entered his residence at the Corner of Victoria and Mossiah Street and taken possessions of his items. The burglar had entered the door of Chi’s trailer at about 3.25 AM in the morning and had placed some $6,957.00 worth of assorted S.M.A.R.T phones in a Guinness Sport bag, whereupon he then escaped through the main gate. Police were able to trace the stolen goods to the premises of Ruben Arnold on Hospital Street in San Ignacio Town. With the exception of two cell phones, all stolen items were recovered. Ruben Arnold, 43 years old and a Belizean laborer, has since been detained and charged for the crime of burglary and handling stolen good.

These successes in the recovery of stolen items in the Western Police Zone of the Cayo District has come at the heels of several meetings of the Cayo Neighborhood Watch Association, C.N.W.A, for which one will be held tonight at the San Ignacio Police Station, where the most current strategies of crime prevention are discussed and implemented with an Atomic clock precision.
Guatemalan laborer critically injured as a result of traffic accident in Cayo

A serious traffic accident occurred on Monday of this week near San Ignacio Town. At about 5:45 PM on Monday, witnesses report that a Hispanic male person was observed to be lying on the highway between the Kontiki Junction and the George Price Highway. He was bleeding heavily from the nose and gasping for air. There was another male person sitting on the road side with a large cut wound to the right side of his forehead. A red Toyota pickup with Benque Vijeo License plate was seen extensively damaged on its left side and in a ditch.

George Luis Carillo, 72- years-old Belizean retiree, was driving his Volkswagon from the direction of the Windy Hill Resort to the ‘Uno’ Gas Station when upon reaching in front of the Kontiki Gas Station he observed that a red Toyota Pickup was travelling in the opposite direction and was -driving into his lane. To avoid collision, George Carillio swerved to the extreme right hand side of the road but the Red Toyota, driven at the time by 56 year old Mirto Gamez, ended up colliding into the left rear side if his car. Apparently, Gamez had lost control of his vehicle and ran off the road, hitting a culvert and causing the vehicle to flip over. Mirto Gamez was injured to the head and was taken to the Western Regional Hospital and then to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for further treatment. Fortunately, for George Carillo, he remained uninjured in this accident.
Flung out from the Red Toyota were Marvin Pineda 37 year old and Manuel Antonio Ramirez 52 years old, both Guatemalan laborers from Melchor de Mencos. The injuries of Marvin Pineda has been certified as ‘grievous harm’ while Manuel Antonio Ramirez now lies in a critical condition with massive head injuries at the K.H.M.H.