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Thursday, 22 August 2013 00:00

Said Musa and Francis FonsecaIn the issuance of condemnation of the highest order against the Musa/Fonseca maladministration which was rightfully booted out of office in February 2008, it was neither the United Democratic Party nor its Leader, the Hon. Dean Barrow, but rather the brightest legal minds in the region, sitting on the bench in the Caribbean Court of Justice, who referred to the actions of the current leader of the opposition and his colleague, the former prime minister, as “malignant tumours that eat at democracy. No court can afford to encourage the spread of such cancer”, said the CCJ.

If this revelation was made by anyone in the United Democratic Party; the opposition would have dispelled it as political propaganda. Maybe not in those same words however, but the majority of Belizeans knew that Fonseca and Musa were bad for Belize and so they went to the polls in February 2008 and swept them out of office. Now that their unconstitutional actions have been legally confirmed by the highest court in the region, a comeback is certainly not in their political future and a clairvoyant it does not need to read into that episode of their future.

When the light was shone in their faces at the last sitting of the House of Representatives, Musa, the first to react, had no choice but to plead guilty as charged while the current leader of his party attempted to play the fool and in the process insinuate that he was like an innocent lamb taken to the slaughter. Not so says the CCJ at paragraph [5] the ruling states: “The Deed was executed by the Prime Minister (the then Minister of Finance) and also by the Attorney General of Belize” thereby placing Francis Fonseca in the front seat with Musa.

Their actions, says the ruling of the CCJ “without the cover of parliamentary sanction is to disregard the Constitution and attempt to set back, over 300 years, the system of governance Belize has inherited and adopted.”

The ruling goes on to inform that “ Given the cloak of confidentiality that surrounded the making and implementation of the Deed, it is reasonable to conclude that there was never an intention on the part of the Minister to publish the required notice” (in the Gazette as is required by law). “In essence, the framers of the Deed conceptualized and designed a whole new tax policy for the benefit of the companies. This policy was then embodied in the Deed, executed by the parties and implemented with the objective of overriding all current and any future statutes enacted by the National Assembly.

In further harpooning the current leader of the opposition, the judgment states: “Responsible bodies, including the Attorney General, have a right and duty to draw attention to and appropriately challenge attempts to undermine the Constitution.” Francis Fonseca did neither.

Given this regional blow, the right and proper thing for Francis Fonseca and Said Musa to do is to resign. It seems however that resign they will not, and so Cordel Hyde is, it would appear, seeking to rid the opposition of these “malignant tumours”. Hyde’s words remain etched in the archives of Channel 7 when he proclaimed in the House of Representatives: “Right now we don’t have one PUP. We have two different PUPs. We have an old PUP that wants to hang on to policies of the past that has gotten us in deep deep trouble. In fact it has put us in a situation where we don’t have enough money to provide budgets for our youth interventions and don’t have enough money to provide budgets for housing, education, health, and I think we need to deal with that issue real quickly or else we will just implode. I think that still remains today.”