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Thursday, 22 August 2013 00:00

The United Garifuna Association Inc (UGA) has been aware of the NCL proposal for Harvest Caye since the news first broke in the media.  UGA was able to obtain a copy of the MOU between the Government of Belize and NCL.  We are aware that IDEA Inc of Orlando Fl is the company charged with bringing the concept through to fruition for NCL. 

United Garifuna Association Inc’s members studied the MOU and have come to certain conclusions regarding this development initiative which will have far reaching implications for the South of Belize.

1. This project will create much needed jobs in the Stann Creek and Toledo districts.
2. This project presents an opportunity to Garifuna artisans of all disciplines to earn an income which was not previously afforded them on this scale.
3. At this juncture UGA has every reason to believe NCL/IDEA Inc are for responsible and sensitive development surrounding cultural themes.  This may benefit their market but will exponentially increase the market for the Garifuna product in a responsible and respectful way to the culture.
4. UGA supports the use of Garifuna Culture as a theme in the proposed port of call as it will create demand through marketing by NCL for our product.  UGA also cautions that any use of Garifuna Copyright must be without question approved by Garifuna.  All copyrights involved including any related rights must benefit the Garifuna Community.  Any and all permissions for the use of Garifuna copyright, industrial designs or patents for commercial activities must support in a meaningful way the Garifuna Community as an end result.
5. UGA will not in anyway tolerate mockery, insensitivity or ignorance of the Garifuna culture.
6. This project otherwise falls in line with UGA Inc’s philosophy of cultural preservation and economic development for the Garifuna community.
 The United Garifuna Association intends to monitor developments in its efforts to assure that the Garifuna people are not exploited in anyway and that our Traditional Rights, copyrights, patents and industrial designs are properly licensed for the benefit of protecting, promoting and preserving for future generations, our rich and vibrant culture.

Kind Regards,

Joseph Guerrero
Arts & Entertainment Director
United Garifuna Association
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