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Thursday, 22 August 2013 00:00

Five people turned up for the second day of demonstration organized by Patrick MenziesIf there is any individual that can be relied upon to be present at any and all demonstrations, it is Patrick Menzies. He has been involved in all manner of pointless walks, protests, and demonstrations. He's been there with the COLA, he's been there with the BBOC, he's been there with the now defunct Purple Movement, he's been there against a medical school, he's been against U.B. School Fees, he's been fired from U.B.,  and he's been on the Jasmine alert program. He apparently is everywhere and goes nowhere.

Most recently he formed an organization, Belize-Can. There is no real telling what the purpose of that organization is, but it along with church organizations it has been around the country holding constitution marches. These were specifically geared at looking at how to improve on the Gender Policy. Since those marches, the church organizations that participated in them have come to a consensus at reaching an agreement on the wording of the Gender Policy; basically, they will be recommending and discussions will take place on how to move forward. It seems that the memo did not get to Menzies (he claims he was in the U.S. and could not follow with what was taking place.) That is a strange excuse in this day and age of instant communication. That be is it were, Menzies seems to not have gotten enough attention, during an interview on 7 News on Tuesday, he admitted to this. Now he wants that recognition and made up what he calls a Gender Department at the University of Belize and decided to attack the imaginary foe.

The problem with Menzies and his foe is that it does not exist! He claims to have had 'insider' information but he was unable to present it. Then he decided to revert back to the original reason for the constitutional marches, which have long expired since negotiations are now underway. It is likely that he decided to attack U.B. because he was fired from that institution.

Whatever the reason for Menzies to now be organizing the demonstrations, he needs close observation and we mean that of a clinically and specifically a mental one. We fear that in his Mad obsession to demonstrate and be in the limelight he may hurt himself or others.

It is noteworthy that Menzies was demonstrating on Tuesday and on Wednesday. On the second day around he had on the same clothes as the day before. We wonder if he is really losing it to the point where he is forgetting to even take showers.