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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 22 August 2013 00:00

Antonio Gonzalez and James McFoyThe Christian Workers Union will hold an Annual General Meeting on October 26th and a new President will be elected. The announcement came after a general meeting at the Labour Office on Monday, August 10th, which was attended by representatives of all affiliated associations of the CWU. After the meeting among members, Antonio Gonzalez, President of the CWU, announced to the press, “There will be an AGM, or what we call a congress- a convention, come the twenty-sixth of October and there will be financially audited statements before that so that it is taken up to the convention.”

Gonzalez also confirmed that he does not intend to run for re-election. The decision to finally hold an election came after pressure from the Stevedores Committee in which they claim that the union executives were not representing their cause effectively. They call the President “soft” in his negotiations with the Port of Belize for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. They also publicly chastised him for being unaccountable because the union has not completed a financial report in years. They also have not met financial commitments to Government and the National Trade Union Congress of Belize. The stevedores called for the immediate resignation of Gonzalez and James McFoy, General Secretary of CWU.

The stevedores’ complaints captured the attention of members of the CWU from different institutions. Gonzalez and McFoy then called a meeting on Monday that was observed by the Labour Commissioner of Belize, Ivan Williams. In that meeting, membership agreed to hold an AGM on October 26th. Before that date, Gonzalez and McFoy are to present audited financial reports to the membership. Basil Brannon, member from Central Bank of Belize, said, “We have a process that we have to go through. We just can't kick someone out. We have to make sure that our financials are in place.”

Gonzalez and McFoy now have a little more than two months to account for their tenure as leaders of the union. They will then be replaced by what one stevedore calls “new blood with new spirit”.
Both McFoy and Gonzalez have been at the helm of the CWU for over 20 years.