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Thursday, 29 August 2013 00:00

Hon. Mark King (right) presents Ian Gaynair with a parcel of landOn Wednesday, August 28th, Hon. Mark King awarded National Team Player, Ian Gaynair, with a parcel of land in the Lake Independence area.  Hon. King says that he was disheartened to know that Mr. Gaynair had lost his land during the time when Cordel Hyde was the elected PUP representative in the division.  He said that it was very low of Kremandala to use our national player as a political foot ball to gain momentum into bringing back Hyde on the political scene.   King states that this comes at a time when he has created a very successful land program called the lake I Land Amnesty Program 2013. Hon. King recently gave out over a hundred land titles, in the lake I area and has over a thousand more to give out in this coming year.

The program seeks to assist and empower residents of lake I with a piece of land, and in the case of Gaynair he was immediately assisted through the program. Gaynair was handed a lease and in the coming weeks his purchase price will be secured. Because of his excellent representation of Belize internationally Hon. King will be covering the purchase price for the land thereby securing title to Gaynair.

For his part Gaynair explained that he feels good by the gesture and explained that all he ever wanted was a piece of land where he could build his home. That wish is now a reality and he stated that he will commence work on his land as soon as possible. He thanked Hon. King for getting involved and for keeping his word at getting him another parcel of land. 
Hon. King says that more land will be distributed shortly to other residents. More importantly the lands will be distributed at reduced prices making land affordable to the residents of Lake.