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Thursday, 29 August 2013 00:00

Newly renovated labScience students at Saint Catherine’s Academy are enjoying a much more learning friendly environment in the school’s laboratories thanks to the Belize City Council’s school outreach program. The Belize City Council invested $13,000 in the renovation of the school’s two science labs. The floors were tiled; walls and ceilings painted; desk resurfaced and benches varnished. New windows were installed as well as ceiling lights and fans. 

Mayor Darrel Bradley says the project was a way of showing appreciation to Saint Catherine’s Academy for continuing to emphasize community service and civic pride in their education system. He says, “When we did Labour for Belize a very strong contingent from SCA came out for that initiative and since then we have been dialoguing with the administration to see how we could really reciprocate the support.” Mayor Bradley went on to say that many people look at catholic managed schools like Saint Catherine’s Academy and say why help them when they have it all but, “I know from personal experience that is not the case”. He says these types of schools are managed on a tight budget and the infrastructural needs are often ignored. According to Bradley, he was informed that the science labs had not been renovated since they were built in the 1950s.

Excelsior High School is also benefiting from the Council’s outreach program. The school grounds have been raised by six inches because it had been prone to flooding. The draining system has been improved and walkways have been constructed throughout the compound. A computer lab was opened just before school closed in June and five more computers will be donated to school shortly. Several classrooms have been painted as well. Mayor Bradley says the Excelsior project developed is similar to that of Saint Catherine’s. The partnership started as a result of the Labour for Belize campaign in which Excelsior was well represented. The cost of the Excelsior project is $20,000. The projects were completed by a team of thirty young men and women who have been rehabilitating public spaces and structures throughout the city.