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Thursday, 29 August 2013 00:00

Daniel SilvaHaving realized that the Cock-Mack-A-Dandy is a complete waste of time in Cayo Central, every old politician is dusting off their cobwebs to run for the PUP there. Earlier on Luke Espat decided he would run in that division for the People's United Party. We will not rehash the history of this fellow but we can say that he has a less than stellar record, especially in the field of engineering and business. His projects of failure can be seen on the Phillip Goldson highway near mile 4 where there are at least a dozen homes that are leaning. His legacy is at the bottom of the Iguana Creek as a slab of concrete which he called a bridge serves only the fish in that river. And then we can go on to list his failed businesses of Crockland, the Port of Belize Limited, Renaissance, Indeco  and the list goes on and on. Espat's entry is old news, now the old politico of Cayo, Dan Silva has somehow been inspired to run.

He had decided to call it quits in 2003 after he realized that the People's United Party was a terrible malignant tumor for the people. He was in the belly of the beast and everyone can tell of the tantrums he would throw whenever Ralph and Said would make decisions that went contrary to the national interest. Every so often he would barge into his office at the Ministry of Agriculture and threaten to resign. Of course he never did, but in 2003 he said he would have no more of it and called it quits.

But while he may have painted a picture of being Mr. Neat and Clean, there are those who question his motives when a number of things went awry in the Ministry of Agriculture. He appeared on channel 5 complaining about various things within the ministry of Agriculture, and it would appear that ten years in the wilderness has him not knowing anything that is taking place within the ministry or even in the very constituency he seeks to represent. He lamented about the state of the dairy industry which in his cobwebbed mind is not performing. We would hazard a guess that he speaks this way because he thinks that the dairy industry is still where he left it. Should we remind him that it was under his watch that the only dairy plant which belonged to the government was sold for a pittance. During that time, his lack of vision and greed allowed for an industry with great potential to be destroyed. Despite Dan's great contribution to destroying the dairy industry, this day under Hon. Rene Montero, the industry is burgeoning. Maybe Dan needs to get back on the ground and see that there are over 500 dairy cows milked daily to supply the country with fresh milk and cheese.

And as he continued to lament, it became evident that he does not know that the importation of onions only takes place when there are none available in the country. Very much cannot be said during his tenure as Minister of Agriculture. But onions aside, Dan needs to explain why it was that the Ministry of Agriculture secured a soybean mill for almost 40 million dollars and it never functioned a single day. The plant was later sold for spare parts. The mill along with other equipment including tractors were disposed of as if they were scrap metal. Yes, Dan was there as the Minister of Agriculture. He needs to explain what his role was in that corrupt deal.

He also needs to explain why it was that under his watch Central Farm was nothing but a shell. No support to farmers could have been received there while he was the Minister of Agriculture. And just a stone's throw away there was the Belize College of Agriculture which he allowed to be disposed of as if Belizeans did not deserve to receive local training in that field.

Now Dan wants to return to run for the PUP? He ran away from them in 2003 and now he wants to get in bed right back with the same old crooked corrupt bunch? Something is definitely wrong with this fellow. Maybe the preoccupation of having his son out of the country for so long has clouded his judgment. Maybe the thought of his son returning to Belize to face murder charges is just too much for him that he is unable to make rational decisions. That was painfully obvious when he attempted to exonerate his son from wrong doing, going so far as blaming EMO for his son's actions.

It would be best for Dan to just sort out his family affairs before he decides to delve back into politics with his old corrupt PUP colleagues.