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Thursday, 05 September 2013 00:00

Vaoughn GillIt is perhaps one of the most shameful things when fathers have children and refuse to take care of them, forcing the children’s mothers to take the father to Family Court, in effect forcing them to pay. And that is where Vaughn Gill found himself on Wednesday when he was picked up by police for refusing to take care of his child!

Police picked up Gill in Belmopan on the strength of a commitment warrant for refusing to pay a mere $50 a week to support his child. Gill has not been paying for years and the amount had racked up to 15 thousand dollars. He however had brought down that amount to 5 thousand dollars which he could not pay.

He was about to be taken to the slammer for non payment when rich boy Julius Espat forked over the $5,000 without even flinching and out went Gill. We wonder if Espat is as generous with his constituents as he is with Gill. Sources tell us that he isn’t. We are told that while he can splurge 5G’s on ‘Shutty’ he gives his constituents tattered text books.