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Thursday, 05 September 2013 00:00

New Cayo DAVCOOn Saturday, August 31st,  the newly elected Village Councils of the Cayo District, met at Unitedville village for the annual general meeting of DAVCO for that district.

The Assembly of Village Council representatives elected the following person to serve on the Board for the next 3 years.

President, Yolanda Molina from Blackman Eddy; Vice-president, Jovanni Montolban from Cristo Rey; Secretary, Rosetta Williams from Georgeville; Assistant Secretary,  Ernest Young from Georgeville; Treasurer, Marcus Kingston from Teakettle; and Assistant Treasurer, Gobin Carrias from Santa Familia. Also elected as members were Cruz Mai from San Antonio, Shern Robateau, Julio Valdez from Succotz, Ruben Carrio from Duck Run 1, Celia Chan from El Progresso and Pablo Chan from Bullet Tree.

The delegate to the National Association of village Councils is Jovanni Montolban.

Liquor License Representative for San Ignacio is Shern Robateau while Julio Valdez will be for Benque Viejo del Carmen; for Belmopan it is Marcus Kingston.

The process was conducted by the Ministry of Rural Development, represented by Mr. Ernest Banner, also assisting was Marion Lewis, Cayo District RCDO and Ruben Campos, Northern Regional Coordinator.
The meeting  was held at the Unitedville Community Center.

This was the final AGM for the District of Village councils Elections (DAVCO).

The annual AGM for the National Association of Village Councils (NAVCO) is scheduled for sometime in the month of October of this year.