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Thursday, 05 September 2013 00:00

Frances Eve Ayala WilsonOn Monday, September 2nd Frances Eve Ayala Wilson, 38, appeared in Magistrate’s court where she was charged with abetment to commit murder. Wilson, a resident of San Ignacio, was arraigned before Magistrate Leslie Hamilton where she was represented by Attorney Simeon Sampson. In court no plea was taken and the prosecutor objected to bail.

The objections were firstly that there was the strong likelihood of Ayala Wilson not showing up in court to answer the charge. He pointed out that although the report against Wilson was made in May of this year, it was not until three months later that she was apprehended by police in San Ignacio. The second objection was based on the seriousness of the crime, and the prosecutor asked the court to consider that the crime of conspiracy to commit murder was a serious one.

In his response, Sampson pointed out that his client, after a falling out with her husband, moved to San Ignacio to live with her father. He said that if his client wished to abscond to Guatemala, she could have done so, since the Guatemalan border is “in her back yard”. He also noted that the relocating of his client was in no means an attempt of her trying to avoid prosecution. Sampson also told the court that the issuing of flyers with his client’s picture printed on them by Mr. Wilson, suggested that it was an attempt to “contaminate” the court process.

In his ruling, the magistrate told the court that after listening to both sides, he was of the opinion that the charge is just as serious as the offense for which there is no bail. He added that that the offense of abetment to murder attracts the same penalty of charges such as murder or conspiracy to commit murder. He then denied bail to Ayala Wilson and adjourned the matter for September 17, 2013, affording Sampson an opportunity to file for bail in the Supreme Court on his client’s behalf.

Ayala Wilson is accused of soliciting Natisha Usher with ten thousand dollars to kill her husband Glencoe Wilson, on April twenty fourth of this year.