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Thursday, 05 September 2013 00:00

Ever wondered how it is that some days your body is just begging you for a coke? Or are you ever having your Sunday rice and beans, your Lee Chee or your Garnaches and you just know that your meal is not complete because you do not have a coke? I am sure it has happened to the regular soda drinkers. But have you ever wondered what it contains that makes it so addictive? Have you considered how much sugar the soda has? How much effects it has on the body? Youths as well as adults are addicted to soft drinks and have little knowledge of the enormous effects that a little bottle of refreshment can have on the body. The following article will discuss a few effects drinking too much soda can have on health.

1.    Weight Gain
Soft drinks are filled with sugar. According to the Mayo Clinic, a twelve ounce soda contains approximately nine teaspoons of sugar. Some people, we could think about a few people that come to mind, drink more than one coke a day. Actually there are some people that feel like water is only good for washing hands, dishes and cloths and drink sodas all day to “quench” their thirst.  Organic Consumers, however warn that each can of soda consumed increases the risk of obesity 1.6 times.

2.    Metabolic Syndrome
What is Metabolic Syndrome? According to the Mayo Clinic, it is a group of conditions like high blood pressure, insulin resistance which leads to diabetes and an increase in blood cholesterol levels.  This syndrome usually affects people who drink more than one soda per day. The large levels of sugar make it so difficult for your body to modulate it.

3.     Bones and Teeth
Another very important part of your body that is affected by excessive consumption of soft drinks is your teeth and bones. Soft drinks contain caffeine and phosphoric acid which suck calcium from your bones. Calcium is essential to teeth, and without it one becomes more susceptible to osteoporosis, a condition where your bones become brittle and break more easily.  The high level of sugar found in soda also eats away the protective enamel on your teeth. In other words soft drinks do not in any way benefit the body. Excessive use has the potential to destroy the strongest pieces of the body.

4.     Caffeine
We have all heard about the rumor that cocaine was included in coca cola. Yes the rumor is actually a fact. In 1886 the American chemist John Pemberton developed the ‘French wine of coca, ideal tonic’, Coca –Cola. The ingredients included cocaine and kola nut extract, which contains caffeine.  After a few years, Coca-Cola and similar drinks had caused widespread cocaine addiction in America and so, in 1906, the cocaine in the Coca-Cola recipe was replaced with extra caffeine.

However addiction to this substance has seemed inescapable. Like nicotine, the caffeine found in Coke and other soft drinks is also addictive. This addiction fuels the need to drink soft drinks throughout the day and has serious withdrawal symptoms. Some people experience flu-like symptoms while others suffer from nausea or headaches. Additionally, according to Water for Life, caffeine decreases fertility and the chances of conception.

Hopefully after reading this article you pity your body a little and if you do not stop the consumption of soft drinks on a whole, at least try to control your intake. Belizeans we need to live long and the only way to do so is to stay healthy. You do not want to reach thirty, the prime of your life, and have diabetes, high blood pressure, rotten teeth and be obese. We Belizeans should aim to live the longest and the healthiest possible to be able to see our children and their children.

We need to take care of ourselves now! Drink and eat in proportions so we can enjoy all the foods and drinks in the future. Nothing is wrong with enjoying; the taste-bud explosive drinks the developing world creates but it all has to be done in balance.
Balance is everything….