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Thursday, 19 September 2013 00:00

Why is it that we still wonder why our youths and our children are in the position that they are in now; lacking morals, respect and values? Have you ever sat down and watched what your children are watching? And when I mean watch, I mean have you ever sat down and put attention to what the movies, television shows and cartoons are teaching your child? I have. Once I sat down watching a television series created for young adolescent for about the age of ten to thirteen. I happened to pay attention to the plot of the series which was about two girls liking a boy and trying to seduce him in order to get a kiss. Guess which channel was playing the series? Hmm if you are thinking Disney then you got it right, the all-time favorite channel of most kids. It is of no surprise then, that to some extent these same producers encourage children to become wild.

Yes producers have no control of what the actors do but these actors are performing for children and whatever performance they make will influence the children who take them as role models. Young girls have pictures of Miley Cyrus as Hanna Montana posted on their walls. They have the bags, the books, the pens, the games, and everything in total adoration of this person. But even though she has all the love from the children she still wants more.  One day, out of nowhere, the sweet Miley goes mad, cuts her hair, becomes a younger version of Rihanna and starts dancing, twerking on the floor, on the chair on men on nearly everything infront of millions of people. She is not the only case of a child icon gone mad, Lindsay Lowhan actor of “The Parent Trap” and “Freaky Friday” also went on a madness ride.  The American news showed a mug shot picture of her after the police arrested her for drunk driving. Claims have also been made that she abuses other dangerous and illegal drugs. In all these are just a few examples of good girls turning into sexual exotic dancers, alcoholics, and drug addicts.

My advice to Parents, guardians, or any caretakers then, is to take note of the things your children are watching on television. The television is not there to educate your child, you are! Most parents feel like it is the responsibility of the television to teach your child what is right from wrong. If you believe that the television is a substitute of your love, attention and guidance then you are without a doubt wrong. At a certain age when children are more stable,  and well-grounded on values and morals that they have been taught at home, they can make educated choices as to how life should really be lived. But at the age of ten, how do you determine what you are to value, and how you are to behave if you have never been taught. The only option then is to take hold of what is accessible, the television. Some very young children are watching the “Jersey Shore”, “Meet the Kardashians” and “Basketball Wives”. All shows that teach about the love for material things. It teaches that with a beautiful face and a rich husband, all luxuries are attainable. It teaches that school is not important. Why bother if you can live off the riches of your parents. It makes children grow believing that they are living in a society that is non-existent; the live for today, forget tomorrow mentality. Most children do not live in mansions, cannot afford a Jansport bag worst yet a Gucci one.  Young people cannot afford to walk around all day in going out clothes like if it’s Belize’s Independence day every day.

Let’s wake our children up. Tell them that television is a fantasy. It is a money making industry made to make the buyer want and spend in the belief that they will be famous, admired and adored. Teach our children that education is the key to success and that you can have on the best clothes, shoes etc. and still value nothing. People that are to be admired, are to be admired not for what they have but for what they are. Let’s not further confuse our children. Teach them to work hard for what they have and to appreciate it. Life is not a reality show or a sitcom, no one laughs at problems or switches the channel and has a new life. You can’t do what television artists do and expect to live happily ever after.
We are not paid to live. We live and work to get paid.