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Thursday, 26 September 2013 00:00

The capacity of the People's United Party to spew venom and lies has reached an all time low. The Guardian Newspaper has received numerous complaints by irate parents who say their children were taken advantage of by the PUP. Apparently the PUP secretariat induced some schools to send their Standard 6 classes to their headquarters under the guise that they would do a presentation on "the road to independence." Instead of the children being truly taught about what the road to independence was like, they were bombarded with all manner of lies.

It was so revolting and overbearing that some of the students immediately went home and complained to their parents. And what the PUP was spewing was more than just lies, it was pure venom which an adult would have a hard time tolerating. That was no concern for the PUP after they simply could care less about the brainwashing that they had attempted to do on the young children. And as desperate as they are now, they could not even convince the children with their lies. They have lost all credibility with the voters that they are now trying to sway children into believing them. That simply won't work, even children know that the PUP is the worst political party to have ever existed in Belize. They are liars and thieves.